The concerts we go to for friends

We (my co-blogger and I) have a unique work schedule. It allows for time off during the week – you know when everyone else the majority of people are working. Nights7 is quite a fan of concerts. She’s got this whole alternative thing going. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m sorta a pop girl with notoriously bad taste in music. So what happens when she finds concerts during the week that no one else can attend?? Yep, she drags me! Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t exactly a complaint. She had exposed me to some pretty fun music.

Back in March of last year we went to AWOLNATION.

I really did end up enjoying their concert and album quite a bit.

So during our last work week off I was summoned to once again attend a concert of a band I’d never heard of before. We went to see the Bleachers. You may know this song:


It’s the only song I knew. However they turned out to be pretty good. The Bleacher also did a cover of a Mountain Goats song which may become my theme song for this next semester (as suggested by Nights7). Really it’s probably a good theme for both of us – and catchy!!

Here’s some stuff I took from the concert.

I’m not a huge fan of crowds and being in the middle of them but we did push forward a bit. Nights7 – she’s a shorty and there were some freakishly tall people at the concert that kept blocking even my view.

Overall it was fun evening and I’m glad she dragged me to further educate me on the subject of “good” music. (Even if afterwards she ditched me for a boy. But that’s her story to tell not mine!)

I am happy to say that I’ve rubbed off on her a bit too. You know who she’s likes to hear when running….




3 thoughts on “The concerts we go to for friends

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