5 Tips for Maximizing Enjoyment of Your Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich

1. Pick A Favorite.
Try a few and weigh their merits. Think about what you’d like from a breakfast sandwich, what qualities would meet your needs. Set some standards and decide what you really, truly like.
Not what you think you should like, not what the person next to you likes, what you personally actually enjoy.And go with that one.
Yup, you really do need to pick just one.

2.Wait at least two weeks to have it again.
One word: Anticipation.
The more you want it, think about it, and yet deny yourself, the better it will be when you finally do get it.
Now that you have a specific breakfast sandwich that you have committed to (at least for a little while. You are allowed to change your mind now and again.),be sure not to overindulge. I know it’s tempting to make this new favorite a regular thing but really that will severely diminish the pleasure of it.

3.Breath deeply.
When that fast food worker hands you the bag through the window or over that counter (yes, get a bag even if you walked inside.) Take a moment, open the bag, stick your face in it just a little and inhale the beautiful scent of that which you’ve been desiring.
Mmmm, anticipation.

4. Savor the moment.
You know how people talk about mindfulness and learning how to live in the moment?
Yeah, do that. Take it in slowly and really savor it.
Just be with your senses in the now, enhance your experience with attentiveness to this present moment.

5. Sigh with contentment.
After finishing literally sigh and say (out loud if possible) “That was good.”

breakfast sandwich

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Maximizing Enjoyment of Your Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich

  1. piratebobcat says:

    I love a good breakfast sandwich. They aren’t always that good for you, but after a long run they taste amazing!


    • nights7 says:

      Yes! That’s exactly what inspired this. I worked Thursday night after my long run & was starving Friday morning but wasn’t able to get one. Then this morning, when I finally did get that breakfast sandwich it was amazing. Ah-maz-ing!!!


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