Half Marathon Training: T- 8 Days

I think I ran ten miles tonight.
I’m not sure since the running app hasn’t been working on my phone lately but I ran for just under and hour forty at what felt like at least as fast as my usual pace…so maybe I ran 10.5 miles.

Yes, it SAYS 38 minutes but what it MEANS is 1 hour and 38 minutes. Maybe it's time to invest in a Garmin.

Yes, it SAYS 38 minutes but what it MEANS is 1 hour and 38 minutes.
Maybe it’s time to invest in a Garmin.

I know you’re supposed to taper before a big race though I’m not sure how far in advance. I figure I’ll start tomorrow. I really wanted to hit ten miles before the big day. I’m sure it would’ve been fine if I didn’t but it’s a mental thing.
Really isn’t all of running?
Well, much of running. I guess it is pretty physical too.

It’s fall here in Michigan, such a beautiful time of year, one of my favorites (I’m not gonna lie I actually kind of love winter even when we get copious amounts of snow and are stuck in a “polar vortex” for weeks like last year).
The only problem with fall is that it’s starting to get dark earlier. Timing these long evening runs has been a challenge; usually I end up running in the dark.
It’s an odd feeling, almost surreal, running when you can’t see your legs or the ground. Mile six of tonight’s trek found me running on a sidewalk/board walk that’s a little off set from a split high-way. There’s some light from headlights but I was running against traffic so mostly that just made it harder to see.

How I felt running against traffic.

How I felt running against traffic.

Around mile seven I there’s a junction with an especially dark patch . As I turned the corner I heard a familiar sound. It took me a minute to identify it though because it was a little out of place. Then I realized it was the sound of rain softly hitting the pavement. Except it wasn’t raining. Suddenly, holy shit! Sprinklers!
There’s nothing quite as…refreshing as a surprise frolic through the sprinklers mid run. In the dark. In October. When it’s maybe fifty degrees out.
Why, Citizen’s Insurance, why are you watering the sidewalk in the middle of my run?

After that the rest of the run was pretty uneventful. There was a giant strip of bark (around three feet long) on the sidewalk at one point and you really have to watch out for those walnut tree droppings. It’s like a giant dropped their bag of marbles in your path. I keep thinking I should probably get a headlamp if these after dark runs are going to become a regular thing.

Now that I’ve got a double-digit run under my belt I feel ready for, if somewhat nervous about, the half marathon next Saturday. I intend to get lots of sleep and pay special attention to what I’m eating. We’ll see how that goes.
Speaking of eating, after running ten miles I felt the running-hunger immediately.
Am I going to need to eat during the race? Do they give you snacks at any of the mile markers or just at the end? Should I get those weird protein gel things?
Personally they look a little gross to me.

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6 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: T- 8 Days

  1. Kristin says:

    Yaaay!!! So close!! Great runs and you’re going to have a fabulous race!!! Woohoo!!! xoxoxo


  2. sara0611 says:

    Laughing, there have been many dark mornings when I’ve inadvertently run through sprinklers, too, that will wake you up.
    I’ve used the gel packs for all 3 of my half marathons but if you haven’t been training with them, I would be careful. I made sure I had a few training runs with them to test how my stomach would react before the race. They definitely helped my energy and gave me something to look forward at the halfway point of the race, but some people’s tums don’t react well to them. Good luck, can’t wait to hear how it goes.


    • nights7 says:

      In the summer I’m more than happy to get a sprinkler surprise but it’s a little less pleasant in the chilly dark.
      Since I’ve not tried the gels I won’t use them this time but maybe I’ll check them out before my next long race.


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