Things I’ve been putting off but I’d really like to do

As some of you know I’m going back to school and working full time. So I keep busy. Most weeks it’s pretty manageable and I don’t have anything to complain about. This week has been particularly busy. I even completely forgot about a work shift until just before it. D’oh! And while I really enjoy school there are a few things I’ve been missing:

  • Crochet – there’s a hat pattern I’ve been excited to make and I just need some hands free time. My co-blogger mentioned having someone, notable Benedict Cumberbatch, reading textbooks aloud. That would be of great help here.

    I know he’s knitting not crocheting but either way it’s pretty awesome.


  • 8-10 hours of watching the new season of Doctor Who. I’m sooo behind on the new season and I hate studying through the new episodes. I miss too much of the story that way. I just want to sit, watch and enjoy. (Maybe crochet a little while watching too.)


  • Putz around the house and the house and finish little projects I’ve started. Remember those door I started painting? Only 2 made it to the finish line. The other 2 are looking as splotchy as ever.
  • Not to mention a wide variety of movies on my Netflix cue.


But as of right now I’m going to stop procrastinating and go study. After all I have another exam coming up. Besides Benedict Cumberbatch commands it!

go study


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