I’m ready for hiberation

Winter weather has hit. It’s cold, there’s bits of snow and, did I mention, cold. I actually don’t mind all that much. It’s Michigan and this is what happens. No use complaining about it…until February. However with the cold weather comes the intense desire to hibernate.

I want to sit, read, crochet, watch tv and drink warm beverages. I do NOT want to do homework, clean or leave the house for that matter.

Yep, he's good with the hibernation idea.

Yep, he’s good with the hibernation idea.

But eventually things must be done and people need food. Speaking of food, I also like to bake during the cold weather. Warm oven and smells of baked good are a perfect combination in the winter. Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Now I just have to give some away so I don’t eat it all. I do not need to look like a bear by the end of winter. 🙂

I can’t totally embrace the lazy. Not yet anyway. I’m waiting semi-patiently until Christmas break. For now I’m curling up with my biology book. Less than 4 weeks of this semester left.

My faithful study buddy.

My faithful study buddy.


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