That looks like a … *Warning* Adult Content

I started this new crochet pattern. (I would link to it but I’m about to compare it to male anatomy and I don’t know if that’s what the designer had in mind!) So there I was crocheting away, making myself a new hat and not really paying attention to what was forming. This hat had some single front post rounds as to create ridges. I didn’t really like the ridges and was bemoaning them when my coworker/co-blogger exclaimed “It looks like a penis!”

Now in her defense I’ve been talking an awful lot about the male anatomy. Oh! Get your mind out of the gutter…not like that! I have Anatomy & Physiology class this semester. From now until December 15th it’s all penises and vaginas for me. How often does a person get to say that?! I’ve been studying at work therefore there’s been pictures like this sitting around.


I may also have been sharing some fun facts with her because let’s be honest – genitalia is funny.

I’m in luck when it comes to my co-blogger because she’s been through this class as well and shares my sense of humor. But apparently this is not universal. When chatting with my roommate’s girlfriend I casually mentioned that I had just learned that the most frequent way to “break” a penis is to roll over on it in the night. She made a funny face and walked away a few minutes later. Clearly this class is increasing my social awkwardness. (Side note: the second most common way is excessive masturbation.)

EditingAndLayout animated GIF

I have since frogged some of the pattern and am reworking it. But when my hat looked like this:


Well there was nothing to do but call it a dickhead.


One thought on “That looks like a … *Warning* Adult Content

  1. nights7 says:

    I still think you should make one like that but in a lighter color, maybe even pink, and have people wear it when they’re being..well, a dickhead.
    It’d be like a modern day dunce cap.


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