Ghosts of Halloween Past

I may have mentioned before that I thoroughly enjoy Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays not because of the holiday itself but because of the opportunity to make fun costumes. It’s a chance like no other to let my inner nerd out to play. Having a bunch of kids to dress up and make costumes for makes it an even more fun and exciting opportunity though as they all get older they get less pliable. I can’t quite dress them up as freely as I used to be able to, even so I can still get them to participate in some group costume themes occasionally.

I know, you’re probably sitting there wondering why I’m writing about Halloween now that it’s December. Really I’m just a holiday behind here.

This was the first Halloween with our shiny new parenting time order in place and ,even though it was my Friday with the kids, it was not my holiday. We now rotate holidays and breaks. In the long run it all evens out but in the short run it doesn’t always feel fair. But ,hey, who said life was supposed to be fair? No one. Ever.

Since I knew way in advance that I wasn’t going to have the kids for Halloween this year I mentally prepped myself and them for me not making their costumes. When it would come up I reminded them that they would be with their dad for the evening this year and he was responsible for their costumes.

To ease the inevitable bad mood of holiday sans kids I made plans in advance to party work an afternoon shift on Halloween. About a week and a half before October 31st I got a text from the ex asking if I wanted to keep the kids for Halloween because he “usually wasn’t done with work by 6”. Seriously?! You couldn’t have mentioned this a week earlier? Ugh!

Of course I still said yes. My kids went Trick-or-treating with my sister or with friends and one decided he didn’t want to go this year. They all had costumes but they were thrown together from pieces we already had or *gasp* store bought.
So instead of regaling you with Halloween costume awesomeness from this year I thought I would share some of my favorites from Halloweens past…

2008 was not the first year I made costumes but it was when I really started to get into it.

Jack & Sally

Jack & Sally

jack the pumpkin king

My nine year old son couldn’t resist a good pose while in costume.

The next year my youngest son was just a couple months old and we went with  Star Wars theme. This was the only year all my kids participated in the same theme. I loved it.

C & O Star Wars HalloweenJ Star Wars HalloweenZ, O & C Star Wars Halloweengroup Star Wars Halloween

We had Princess Leia (and a sassy one at that!), Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, a Jawa, and a couple of Ewoks (aka babies in monkey & bear costumes).
As you can see our group grew that year. Two of my sisters and their families came out with us for Halloween and that became our new tradition.
The next year the theme was more baby and toddler centric.Between the three of us we had a two year old, three one year olds, and a five month old…plus my older four. The theme was a very Disney-eque Peter Pan.
E& J peter pan Halloween

Olivia Tigerlilly

Z reaper

There was a reaper that year too…

twins Peter Pan halloween

Some baby Lost Boys.

With so many babies we didn’t actually get a group shot that year.


The reaper costume got more complex over the next couple years.


And then there's the go-to Jedi costume...

And then there’s the go-to Jedi costume…

And some Harry Potter of course...

And some Harry Potter of course..

First she was Bellatrix, then she was Luna Lovegood...

First she was Bellatrix, then she was Luna Lovegood…









Last year was one of my favorite
s for costume making. We didn’t have a theme (though two went with Doctor Who characters) and I did buy almost all of two of the costumes but the other three were fun and even a little challenging.

The conceptual peacock costume my daughter requested

The conceptual peacock costume my daughter requested

A little Doctor Who

A little Doctor Who

There was a minor super hero theme too.

There was a minor super hero theme too.

Last year's Halloween

Last year’s Halloween

Even though I didn’t get the chance to make any costumes for this year specifically a couple of my kids were able to mesh with the theme my sister already had going and I did make the wig for baby Princess Leia.



The clone trooper is my little guy.

The clone trooper is my little guy.

2014 SW group

My son dressed up as Dwight from The Office ala the Halloween episode in season 1.

My son dressed up as Dwight from The Office ala the Halloween episode in season 1.

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