Christmas Makes…and Almost Makes.

It’s impressive how quickly things can go from Intensely Crazy to Nothing Going On  with the rise and fall of the holidays. Granted the holidays aren’t actually over yet, there’s still New Year’s Eve & Day to look forward to (does anyone actually celebrate New Year’s Day? Other than by praying to the porcelain gods?) but most of the hubbub has ceased. I enjoy a fair amount of busyness in my life but It’s nice to sit around and do pretty much nothing for a change.

Part of the craziness and fun leading up to Christmas is trying to get all the gifts made. Usually I start thinking about making stuff for Christmas shortly after Halloween, I come up with all sorts of awesomeness that I’m going to make and give to like, everyone! Then around mid-November I actually start working on these ideas. Let’s just say I do not have a hundred percent success rate of getting gifts from the idea phase into actual production and completion.

This year I was slightly more realistic with my idea list and only had four or five items I wanted to make. I got three started, two finished, and two last minute December birthday presents not on the list made.

Here’s the Misty Morning Cowl I started AND finished.

It turned out exactly as I hoped it would except that bottom edge that keeps turning up. Blocking would probably help that. Maybe I used the term finished loosely. This was my first non-hat knitting project. I think knitting takes longer than crochet but that might just be because I’m new at it.


Not a tube!

My inability (or unwillingness) to follow a written pattern seems to translate to knitting too. I didn’t like the tube look of the cowl as the pattern was written. Some of the pictures made it look like there were increases but there were not. It was just one big tube. Hmm, Once I realized that I planned (also a term I use loosely) a couple increase rows. The first one was after the second section of nine rows, I added a stitch after every fourth. Mathematically this worked out perfectly with the little wavy rows between each nine-row section. My next increase row, which was closer to the bottom of the cowl, was mathematically not as nice even though I increased after every fourth stitch again. It wasn’t a big deal but I did end up with a little weirdness on the ribbing at the end. It really isn’t noticeable though and I’m happy with how the cowl turned out over all.  Doing the same stitch for most a project gets a little boring sometimes though.


Finally finishing this thing.

I also crocheted a short cowl for one of my sisters for Christmas but didn’t grab any photos before wrapping it up. Then yesterday I whipped up a couple Ninja Turtle mask hats for a nephew and his dad who both have December birthdays. Don’t be too impressed, I had one hat just waiting for the colored mask band and another that was already started. I don’t know who those were originally for but they sure came in handy yesterday.

The started-not-finished Christmas project is a scarf for one of my boys. He wanted a very long scarf that could be wrapped around at least one full time. I didn’t think this required a pattern and decided to just knit & purl back and forth until it was as long as it should be. Unfortunately I cast on more stitches than I should’ve making it a long and wide scarf….which equals a time consuming scarf, especially since this son is mini-man sized (at least 4 inches taller than me. :/).

It’s going to be super warm and cozy though. I used all bulky wool blends. It’s SOOO soft!

Yup, I'm pretty much like that with yarn.

Yup, I’m pretty much like that with yarn.

I think natural fibers have ruined me. I may never be able to go back to straight acrylics again.

Crap! Note to Self: Find way to increase yarn budget in 2015.

(Pshh, like I have a yarn budget!)

New Note to Self: Make a yarn budget in 2015. …May need to request more student loan overages.


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