Nerding Out and Cute Cats – part 2 of the post-Christmas post

I’m starting to have a nerdy kitchen and I love it!!! Check this out!

Doctor Who cookie jar that makes Tardis noises & R2-D2 measuring cups!! I’m mean seriously how fun it that?!?!

That’s right our kitchen is beginning to look awesome. We had a Han Solo in carbonite shower curtain on the way but it got lost in the mail. We got a refund but unfortunately no shower curtain…yet. Also new in our kitchen is a waffle maker. I’ve never had one before and I’ve decided I love it! Homemade waffles are way better than those store bought toaster waffles.

As I’ve been back on the crocheting bandwagon (at least until school starts again) my kitten is stalking my yarn. Clearly this is something I’m going to have to work on but it’s made for some cute pictures.

He wants the yarn…sneaky bastard

Christmas was lovely but I’m kinda glad it’s over. I do miss all the decorations though! Love me a Christmas tree.

Why, yes, those are Star Wars decorations on there. Darth Vader will warn you away from the presents if you get too close!


6 thoughts on “Nerding Out and Cute Cats – part 2 of the post-Christmas post

  1. enbystitches says:

    Ahh! Love the nerdy kitchen and the cat pictures! ❤


  2. Carole says:

    My kitten stalks the yarn too. They’re like little ninja cats the way they creep up on it and then pounce, aren’t they 😛


  3. That is just my perfect Christmas tree! Love it! And your cat stalking your stash is hilarious… glad I’m not the only one who suffers this!


    • sindel17 says:

      Thanks! I can’t keep that cat away! He took off across the room with my half finished hat yesterday. I swear I only looked away for a second! Lol


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