I like a good resolution!

Yep, that’s right, I like a good New Year’s resolution.

I seem to be in the minority but I still find something refreshing about it. New start, new year, new dedication to making something better. I’ve heard most resolutions get pushed aside by February. I still like the idea of them.

This year actually marks a few changes for me. My college schedule is changing, as it does every semester, and my work schedule is changing. The work schedule change feels like a really big deal. Instead of full time nights I’ll be part-time nights and part-time afternoons. At least for now.

I like my job, mostly, I haven’t minded night work too much but I find I’ve started using my work schedule as an excuse for bad behavior. I can’t make lunch – I work nights and I’m too tired to socialize. I can’t work out – I’m too tired to even move. I haven’t texted you back? – yeah, with my work schedule I forget things. My slovenly appearance – who sees my anyway? I work nights.

With the change in schedule I think it’s time to put away those excuses and get on with it. A good new year’s resolution seems to be in order. So, drumroll please, my resolution for this year:
To be a little more put together.
What does that mean? Well for one thing getting out of my pajamas on a regular basis even when not going to work. I may never be a fashionista but I’m pretty sure losing the pj’s would help matters.

A little less like this…

A little more like this

I would also like to go all cliché and get on that exercise bandwagon that everyone gets on this time of year. Last year I bit off a bit more than I could chew by agreeing to run a half marathon with my co-blogger. She did. I found a variety of excuses not to. I’m not going that big this year but I would like to re-attempt a 5K.

With such a drastic change in my schedule I want to take the opportunity to create something more manageable and a little bit better. Good luck to all you other resolution makers out there! Let’s keep them – at least until March!

4 thoughts on “I like a good resolution!

  1. enbystitches says:

    I am right there with you! A half marathon is my goal every year, but I should make my goal to be able to run for a mile without dying! XD


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