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Welcome to February…Yes, I know it’s been around for almost a week now but lately I’ve been a slackety-slack-slacker at least on the blog front (okay, a little bit on all fronts actually…let’s not lie to ourselves here.)

That’s not to say I haven’t been busy, of course I have, but there’s been a few late nights of craft beer drinking and Netflix watching followed by grossly unproductive mornings where I find myself running out the door to get to class barely on time. My earliest class starts at 12:30, people, so really there is no excuse for this. I’ve just been slumping lately. I had a rough couple weeks in January and, though there has been some improvement, its been a struggle to pull myself up out of this slump.

Maybe it’s a February thing. It’s a cold month and we’ve (FINALLY!) had some snow which makes it hard to run regularly, that doesn’t help I’m sure. (Even though I reallly love the snow and am still hoping to get my hands on some snow shoes so I can go out and trek around like the polar, winter loving fool that I am.)

Even amid this funk there have been some fun things, well things at least, going on including an actual start to finish sewing project…That’s right, a complete garment that I made AND actually finished. As that dress sitting on my project pile that I started last March can attest, that hasn’t happened too often around these parts lately. I had a deadline for this one though, that always makes a difference.

My daughter asked about having a “small” birthday party this year and we thought it would be super fun to have a Fandom Cosplay themed party. I was excited about the prospect of putting together some costumes, maybe a Doctor Who character or two or A Katniss Everdeen (my daughter can really pull that look off with all her dark, long hair not to mention her pretty awesome cowl.)

You get the idea.

You get the idea.

Side view...this IS my daughter.

Side view…this IS my daughter.

That is NOT my daughter...but isn't he a great model?

That is NOT my daughter…but isn’t he a great model?

That was back in November and I thought I’d have more time in January…I have a bad habit of thinking I’ll have time later. Somehow I never do. I should have this figured out by now but where’s the fun in that?

As the birthday got closer my girl decided she wanted to dress up as an anime character. *sigh*

My older three have been watching a few animes lately and really get into them which is great…for them. I’ve never really delved into the world of anime and manga so when they talk about their favorite characters or expound on costume pieces and accessories they want I’m a little out of my element. Luckily Google can usually enlighten me but it’s just not as fun as making a character who I know and enjoy. But, whatever, it’s her birthday and the dress she wanted was pretty and looked like something I could definitely do…So I did. Here’s what she wanted:

It's a pretty dress...even if I don't know who the heck that is.

It’s a pretty dress…even if I don’t know who the heck that is.

Since she’s twelve my daughter is at that weird between kid and “junior” sized phase and there are no patterns for a dress like that. It was time for a pattern mash-up. Luckily Jo-Ann’s was having a 5 for $5 pattern sale that week.                                                  anime pattrn pic

I combined pieces of these three patterns using the actual dress of the one in the center and the sleeves and collar (with some modifications) from the other two. The sleeve from the ridiculous costume pattern on the left was the right shape but the wrong length and size. I folded the pattern paper to make it a bit thinner and added six inches to make it a full length sleeve.

Sleeve extension modification.

Sleeve extension modification.

One problem I had through this whole process was sizing. I made the colossal yet classic mistake of just guesstimating my daughter’s size instead of actually measuring her. I thought I knew roughly what size she was…I did not know. I underestimated just how much the girl had grown over the past six months. She’s almost as tall as I am now (not that that’s really saying much). I downsized the bodice a bit from the smallest size on the pattern but then realized when I saw the skirt and bodice together that it was going to be too small. Aaaand it was. I ended up taking out one of the back pleats on each side of the skirt and adding a two inch panel in each side of the bodice (for an extra two inches total). After that the fit was perfect (as it probably would’ve been if I just went with the smallest size on the pattern.)

What’s that saying? Measure once cut twice?…No, measure twice cut once. Yup, that’s it.

Luckily the size adjustment panels blended in pretty well but the zipper got a little off. I think this is the worst zipper install I’ve done since I was maybe thirteen. Ugh! I was finishing it the morning of the party though and at that point it was all about just getting it done.

Here's the added in back panels...and the WORST zipper ever!

Here’s the added in back panels…and the WORST zipper ever!

almost finished anime dress anime dress back

And ,really, when it was on her the bad zipper was not visible. In person the dress is spot on. Now I just need to get her to put some shoes on and find a Comic-Con to take her to.

This much work deserves another occasion to be worn! Of course that’ll probably require me to make a few more costumes but you won’t hear me complaining about that. Blogging maybe, complaining…definitely not!

finished cosplay dress               finished dress


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