A little time off

I’m alive and well and got totally caught up in the school-work cycle. When that happens I forget to blog…this is why having a blogging partner works so well. 🙂

I have been crocheting but only a little. I have found a new crochet website that I’m obsessed with – Hopeful Honey. She does a bunch of 20s inspired stuff and it’s all really cute. This is from one of her patterns but I had to change the pattern because I ran out of yarn. The pattern doesn’t have ties and is a little wider. I actually want to try this one again and do it up as the pattern intended!

The ties I used since I was running out of yarn.

The ties I used since I was running out of yarn.

I really like the swirly look!

I really like the swirly look!

I also have a week off. Like totally off. School is on midwinter break and I have the week off work. It’s a small miracle and one I intend to celebrate. My favorite book series just came out with it’s last book last Tuesday.


I’ve had a girl crush on Richelle Mead since shortly after I discovered her Vampire Academy books. (The movie was rubbish but I so love the books.) I picked up the Vampire Academy series shortly after I had read Twilight and was in to the whole vampire love story thing. I fell for Mead’s characters pretty quickly and have been in a love affair ever since.

So, now I’m about to commence a week of crafting, reading, movies and possibly some minor traveling. I’ll keep you posted. Until then I’m off to enjoy my week! Oh! And if you have any crochet patterns you’re in love with send them my way I currently have nothing on the hook.



One thought on “A little time off

  1. Lovely pattern, will be popping over to check out Hopeful Honey.


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