Yet Another Concert – But I Knew the Band this Time

That’s right I’m a concert going fool lately. I just went to see the Kongos and then another concert opportunity came up. My boyfriend’s friend plays in a band called Stone Clover. They are an Irish Rock Band – check ’em out they even were on the local news.

A party bus was rented and plans were put into place. A friend of mine was invited and ended up getting the stomach flu the day of the concert. Oof. So last minute I was sending out a couple texts so her ticket and seat on the bus didn’t go to waste. My younger cousin, who is also a singer/songwriter, jumped at the chance for last minute fun. He came to meet up with us to head to the bus. Upon entering my car and pushing some CDs out of way he exclaimed “What the hell?! Are you a 13-year-old girl?!”


I responded the he should shut it and be grateful he was coming with us. He snorted. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be made fun for awhile for Ariana Grande CD – in ways only relatives are capable.

We all had a great night though! Music was awesome, party bus was a blast and the company couldn’t have been better.

Stone Clover playing live

Stone Clover playing live


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