Barely running or running bare??

“I need a butt-bra.”

That’s how a recent conversation with my co-blogger started. See, I’ve been running again as I have on and off for a while now. As I’ve previously mentioned last semester was rough on the body. So when I run, well, to put it delicately, my booty jiggles. Yes, I have a butt jiggling problem.

Food & Drink Dat animated GIF

My co-blogger explained, again, that what I need are compression shorts. You fancy runners think of everything!!

I’m finally finished with the semester therefore  to celebrate a couple days ago I went out and bought two new pairs of compression shorts! I was so excited – a sports bra for my ass! After looking at the them for a few minutes I texted my co-blogger and asked a very relevant question: “Do you wear underwear with these?” There were a series of texts back and forth about whether or not there was a little square in key areas and how really aren’t you suppose to wear underwear with everything?! So, I took my question to Google. After reading for a couple minutes on the topic it basically came down to no one knows and it’s all preference. There were also some disturbing posts about infections – take your clothes off you gross runners!

I decided to try it both ways and see how my new treasures worked. Wednesday it was cold again. Like almost winter cold again so I layered up. Underwear, compression shorts, workout pants and went running. Now currently I’m doing the C25K program and only going about two miles at a pop. Well underwear under compression shorts seemed all bulky and they ended up extra sweaty after the run. Ick!

Today, my co-blogger slowed her role to run/walk with me at a state park (It was nice to go out with someone even if that someone tells you when you’re dragging ass). I wore the compression shorts with no underwear. Whoa! Those things crept up. Up to places they should not be!! And I feel there was a lack of compression and holding the butt in place.


Did I just get a pair of crappy compression shorts that aren’t doing the job right? Should underwear be worn?

My co-blogger suggested lederhosen. You know, make it more like an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. That would definitely be a fashion statement – maybe one that would catch on?!

All you runners out there in the blogging world have any advice??

2 thoughts on “Barely running or running bare??

  1. I have to wear underwear, believe me running for long periods of time without underwear on leads to chaffing in bad places if you’re wearing pants or shorts with a seam or anything…’s too risky if you ask me!


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