Nailed It!

Back at the beginning of March I set myself a little running goal albeit a vague one. Instead of picking a specific event to train for I decided I would attempt  to push myself to run further and faster this year/running season. (It’s Michigan, the months between December and March don’t count for an outdoor runner like me.) Then that thing that typically happens as soon as I set a goal happened: my motivation disappeared. I thought I wanted to hit 50 miles in the month of March…and then I didn’t. There was still too much going on during my last semester for me to muster any kind of running regularity. And then the transmission on my only vehicle died and it was finals week and there was kid/parenting stress and bullshit with the es…and it was just stressful. Yes, I know, excuses (though all very valid ones).

So, I introduced my expectations to reality and just did what I could for the month of March (34.4 miles) and started over in April. Granted I still had all that stuff going on (actually, now that I think about it most that stuff was in April) but at least the weather was nicer and the days longer.

Time to start working on my runner's tan!

Time to start working on my runner’s tan!

...and my runner's hair. You know you ran fast when you have Mall bangs at the end of the run.

…and my runner’s hair. You know you ran fast when you have Mall bangs at the end of the run.

Here’s a few things that happened along the way to reaching my April mileage goal:

Keepin it in the family.

Keepin it in the family.


Post race selfie!

Post race selfie!

One of my sisters did her first 5K. She’s already signed up for another. Score!

And then there was this…NOT!


I’ve never run a five and a half minute mile and probably never will. Strava is lying to all of us here. It wasn’t six miles either, more like 3.5…maybe.

When it occurred to me recently that April was almost over. I looked at my mile count and realized I needed to step up my game if I was going to reach my goal. Not hitting 50 two months in a row would be lame, so lame. I could not allow myself to be so lame. On April 30 I added up my monthly total: 51 miles.
Then I put on my shoes & logged a few more miles just because.
Total miles for April: 54.3
Yeah bitches!

Now I just need to figure out what I’m doing for May.

75 miles   65 miles???


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