Life Adjacent to the D

I live close to Detroit. Depending on who you ask my town could be considered a sub of Detroit. Detroit makes the news for all kinds of reasons most of which are not so good but have you seen the articles about it making a comeback? There are some really great things to do in Detroit and this weekend was full of them. It was decided we should take full advantage. My boyfriend & I, both second shifters, set the alarm for 6am. I can’t tell you the last time I saw 6am from the right side. It’s usually because I’ve been up all night.

The Sunday after Mother’s Day is flower day at Eastern Market. Eastern Market is basically the best farmers’ market you can imagine and today it was being taken over by flowers.




Unfortunately we were ill prepared for what we would encounter. At 7am it was already packed with people and wagons. That’s where we went wrong – no wagon. Therefore anything purchased had to be carried a couple blocks. Whew. I only purchased a couple Azaleas and called it good. It was really great to walk around and see everything though. I’ll go back to Eastern Market this summer when it’s not flower day to get all sorts of goodies.

Also happening this past weekend was the Detroit Comic Con which we attend almost every year. It actually doesn’t happen in Detroit at all but about 30+ minutes away at a convention center. My boyfriend enjoys these things and the shopping. While he shops I people watch and  snap pictures.







I love that people get so into nerdy things. I wore a Doctor Who tee-shirt and enjoyed the scene. I also bought some prints from artists’ alley. I would like to get them framed and hung in the very near future. One of my favorite artists is Tommy Castillo who is common to see at these kinds of events. Between my boyfriend and I we have an embarrassing number of his prints.

All in all it was a crazy busy weekend. I spent too much money and had boatloads of fun.


One thought on “Life Adjacent to the D

  1. maturin says:

    The balloon Super Mario will now infest my dreams. The US looks so much fun. I take it it’s not.


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