WTF, GPS??? (a 10K Recap)

Even though I’ve been running over around six miles at a time at least once a week  month  with some random regularity for the past few years I have not done many 10K races (which, as you probably know, are 6.2 miles). In fact, this past weekend was only my second.

My sister, the one who just started running, the one I did a 5k with about a month ago, wanted to find another run to do in May to help keep her motivation to run up. It’s a good strategy and I really haven’t done enough fun runs the past couple years especially since my former-running-buddy-sister up & moved to Georgia almost two years ago so of course I agreed to do another race with her. She only had one free weekend in May but after asking around discovered that one of our brothers was already planning to do a 5k that same weekend. And it was not my work weekend. For once my timing was actually good.

When it came time to sign up for the run my brother was toying with the idea of doing the 10k instead of the 5k. I told him I could do either. My son decided he wanted to try a 10k. So we three, my brother, my son, and myself, signed up for the 10k and my sister the 5k. Don’t worry though, I didn’t really abandon her. Since it was a smaller event both races started together and were out and back courses so I ran the first mile and a half with her.

After signing up for the 10 I started to get a little worried. I’ve been increasing mileage since the end of April but it’s been in the form of shorter (or at least not long) more frequent runs and even those had not been very good of late. I’m not sure if it’s the warmer weather, the humidity we’ve had, or my work/sleep schedule being all over the place right now but, jeez, my breathing has been terrible lately. I sound like an asthmatic smoker…and I’m neither. Here I was geared up to run 6.2 miles when I couldn’t even make it three miles without taking breaks to huff & puff like the Big Bad Wolf.

What, not that Bad Wolf? Aww, shucks.

What, not that Bad Wolf? Aww, shucks.

This could be interesting.

The morning of the race it was dreary and damp. I think it ended up being around seventy degrees during the race but there was a decent drizzle for the first half hour. Not exactly great conditions but not the worst either. Basically, I just wanted to get through this race without embarrassing myself by having to walk half of it. Finishing somewhere around an hour or less would be satisfactory. My first 10K time was around 58 minutes. Speedy I am not.

But according to Strava I ran a six minute mile…and it was a 7 mile 10K. Umm, yeah, I really don’t think so. I did finish in sort of under an hour. 1:00:38 was my official time.
Apparently my gps functions in an alternate universe. That’s really the only logical explanation here.
This isn’t the first time something odd like this has happened. It might be time to explore new run tracking app options. Any favorites out there?

Or maybe it’s my phone. Technology does have a tendency to not work around me. Either way it’s messing with my stats and everyone knows tracking stats is half the fun   one third of the fun of running.


Race day group selfies (groupies?) are at least another 1/10 of the fun of running.
Oh yeah, and, my son got 2nd in the men’s 10k (my brother got 3rd) and 4th overall in the 10k. Not too shabby for a kid who never runs. Seriously, if he would just run a couple times a week…oh the places he could go! Teenagers. *sigh*



They got medals AND balloon swords. I'm so jelly!


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