Ooo, Baby Baby!

It seems to be baby season again. Every time I turn around someone is getting knocked up or popping out a wee one (cause that’s exactly how it goes, babies just pop right out with no effort whatsoever). It’s like reproducing is in the air or the water or something. It was a very cold winter around here so that could be a factor… Don’t get too excited though, no one here is participating. I repeat, no babies on this blog! Just wanted to make that very clear.

There has, however, been some baby crocheting going on. My co-blogger mentioned a blanket she’s been working on for a friend having a baby. I’ve been working on one too for a friend’s baby (who’s already born…I run a bit behind schedule on pretty much everything). I’m seeing this particular friend next Tuesday though so I have a deadline now which drastically increases the chances of this blanket being finished soon. Hopefully I’ll be blogging about that in the next six months  few weeks. It’s going to be great!

One upside of making baby stuff is that it whips up so much faster than adult sized stuff and everything  most things look cuter when they’re smaller.

Here’s a few of the baby projects that have been completed for this most recent wave of newborns and impending births:


My little guy’s kindergarten teacher had a baby back in March. He looves his teacher and she did some really fun things to incorporate her pregnancy into the classroom environment (also to make the transition of such a beloved teacher leaving for the rest of the year easier). One evening (back in March) I was burned out on homework and wanted to sit and watch a movie but felt a little guilty sitting and doing nothing. Crocheting a newborn hat was the perfect solution: no big time commitment, the relaxation of crocheting, and the satisfaction of finishing something. Plus my son was very excited that I was making something for his teacher’s baby. It was a win win win situation.

I’ve made slightly bigger versions of this owl hat before and ,with a little Google baby hat sizing search, adjusting it for a newborn was pretty simple.

IMAG0055Originally I was making this adorable little baby cloche (from for the same friend I’m working on the blanket for. I thought I was going to be seeing her much sooner (the baby is over two months old now) and didn’t want to show up empty handed. Obviously that didn’t happen but I realized this would be better for my former babysitter both season and size wise anyhow. It’s made of that Lilly brand Sugar & Spice cotton yarn so it would work as a sun hat or for a little warmth in the fall. Plus it was very cost efficient, not even using a whole skein. I still have a couple weeks until her shower, maybe I’ll get around to making some little shoes or something to match the hat…maybe.


It’s even more adorable in person. If you’re looking for a quick baby girl project I’d definitely recommend making this.

So, I didn’t get the teacher’s baby gift to her before she went on maternity leave and by the time she was visiting the classroom I wasn’t sure if the owl hat would still fit…or be useful since it was late April at that point. Ooops.


Obviously these bibs aren’t crochet…but they were a quick baby gift make.

Instead of risking sending in a gift that would be totally unusable (if not super cute) I whipped up these three bibs. And they really did just whip right up. Cut the front & back, sew the edges together, attach some Velcro and BAM! Baby gift done, just like that.


Cut out the front….


…cut out the back and attach. It really is that easy.

I used old t-shirt and pants for the backs.

I used old t-shirt and pants for the backs.

You know what other crochet projects are small and work up really fast????

crochet cat sweater

That’s right, cat sweaters! One of these days I’m going to crochet a cat sweater…or at least a cat-hat.


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3 thoughts on “Ooo, Baby Baby!

  1. I could do with a pile of those bibs at the moment! They look great. ☺


  2. […] to attach a button to at least two of these bad boys, make a couple quick bibs, and get this package to the soon-to-be-new-momma. And maybe I’ll attempt a fourth shoe to go […]


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