Running Holiday

I’ve been tired this week and feeling draggy. Really all I want to do is sleep. Maybe it’s because my birthday is tomorrow & I’ll be 35. It’s not a “big” birthday but 35 is weird. I’m not quite ready for it just yet; there are things I thought I’d do before 35. I guess there’s still 40 though. For some reason birthdays tend to put me in a funk especially since being no-longer-married. Those days that are supposed to be special just aren’t quite the same without another adult around to rally the troops & do something thoughtful and nice.  I’ve got no party plans this year either & have to go renew my vehicle registration today so that sure isn’t helping. Maybe I can credit this persistent blah feeling to that. Or maybe it’s because I ran just over 70 miles last month. I’m super excited about that but now I want a break. Kind of like when you finish a tough semester of classes and get a little time off to recover before the next go round. I want that for running but I know if I take a break like that I won’t meet my June goal. And I like meeting my goals.
So I knew I should run today but was not feeling especially enthusiastic about it. Part of me thought I should do a long run for the week because I have the time. Well, I have more time today than any other day this week. Another part of me thought that a short run & a nap would be a better way to go. It was a toss up as to which part would win that arm wrestling match today.
It was, at least, until I logged on & scrolled through the random running blogs. I do that every now & again when I’m trying to find the motivation to run. Running bloggers are great for that. They tend to be positive & optimistic even while maintaining a snarky, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor about things. Most the time I run alone but reading other runner’s blogs gives me a sense of connection with other runners,  people I probably will never meet. So yay for running blogs!
Anyhow, today when I got on WordPress I discovered that
it’s National Running Day. We runners have our own holiday. Who knew? And it’s super close to my birthday. In fact, last year ut probably was on my birthday (apparently it’s a floating holiday & is the first Wednesday in June).


That's the motivation I used to finish today's long run.

The fact that it’s National Running Day gave me just the boost I needed. The mental boost at least. I decided, yes, I would run today and , yes, it would be a long run. Because…National Running Day!
So I went out and ran seven miles. On a trail, a hilly one. In the woods (and of course I forgot bugspray). I was pretty slow and now I don’t have much time to study for the test in my class tomorrow (really I should get an automatic A anyhow. It is my birthday.) But at least I feel like I accomplished something cool today, and that is why I run.
Well, that and if I didn’t run I’d have time to clean my house. Cleaning, Blech!


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5 thoughts on “Running Holiday

  1. erika says:

    Look at you and your seven miles when you didn’t feel like getting out there!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday. 🙂


    • nights7 says:

      Thank you. It was a day.
      The advantage of doing something like that on the days you don’t really want to is that just doing it is an accomplishment even if you do it slowly & tiredly. 😛


  2. Awesome! Its my birthday this week too AND i forced myself to run this am!! #soulmates


  3. […] my kids and I were all still in school. I stayed right around the 70 mile mark as I had the month before.  I was actually okay with not meeting my goal; I’ve been trying to be more realistic with the […]


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