Surviving the Tenth Mile

Last fall I was training for my first half marathon.

When I was running the race I got to the tenth mile and I hit “the wall”. It was like I was suddenly running through quick mix concrete. Even though there was only three miles left in the race, a distance that I frequently and easily ran, I was struggling. There was pain and exhaustion…I walked. A lot. An embarrassing amount in that last bit of the race.

I’m not going to lie, at that point, I just wanted to stop and be done. Almost suddenly I felt the wind seep out of my metaphorical sails (an actual sail might’ve been helpful right about then) and all I could think about was how I could get back to my car without running those last 3.1 miles. Teleportation would’ve been real handy right about then. I was 76.3% ( 3 sig figs because,well, there’s three in 13.1 and….what’s that? you have no idea what I’m talking about? Sorry, my chemistry is showing.) of the way through the race and I was seriously considering stopping. What was wrong with me?

Yup, I wanted to run ...Fat Amy style.

Yup, I wanted to keep running …Fat Amy style.

I finished, and I ran at the finish. Overall I was happy with how the race went but those last couple miles sure were a doozy.

Towards the end of April I was feeling overwhelmed and bogged down with papers, homework, and the day to day stress of what had been my toughest semester of school to date. I just wanted to stop, to run away and be done. Who needs this education crap anyhow? Why am I torturing myself with this? Ugh!!!

And then I realized I was at the tenth mile.

This weird spot where, even though I was more than 3/4 of the way done with the race, I wanted nothing more than to stop running already. (Seriously, you people who run marathons, I have no idea how you do it!)

So of course I plowed through (really, who stops when they’re more than 3/4th the way through a semester?). I lived to die another day…. and I’m pretty sure today might be that day. Or rather this week might be that day. Academically speaking at least.

It’s once again the last week of the semester which during the shorter spring semester is the last 1/7 of the class. I’m hovering at the low end of a B (if I’m very lucky) or the high side of a C (more realistically) but this last week of classes contain tests & exams that constitute almost fifty percent of the grade. No joke. Almost half of my entire grade for the semester will be determined in the next three class periods. To put it lightly, there’s some (self-imposed) pressure right now and I’m feeling the stress!

Remember when I was all sad & complaining about not being able to take two summer classes? Turns out that was a good thing. The Universe actually knew what the eff it was doing (this time, I’m not so sure about some others still). More than a few times this semester I’ve been thankful that I’m only taking one class. (Yeah, Pchem in seven weeks is not a laughing matter.) Someone remind me to send the universe a thank you card. That is if I actually survive this week.

Yup, I’ve got that tenth mile feeling again.

I’ve hit the wall. But at least I’ve been here before and have a tried & true survival strategy: Put one heavy foot in front of the other and keep trudging forward.

But sometimes just finishing is a win.

But sometimes just finishing is a win.

The only way around this is through it and summer is on the other side. Summer, with concerts & camping trips and beautiful mornings that do Not start at 6:30 am, with running (and possibly training for a second half marathon) and friends (I think I still have some…even though it’s been at least seven weeks since we’ve had any contact), with finished crochet projects and shows on Netflix. Eyes on the prize, it’s time to make this semester my bitch (and by that I just mean put it behind me and drink enough that I forget about the sub-par grade I’m probably going to get).
That’s right, the finish line is in sight, summer is coming!

Unless you’re my co-blogger. For her it’s ending and…

winter-is-comming dv
Winter is coming.


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2 thoughts on “Surviving the Tenth Mile

  1. I feel ya! I should be working on my thesis right now, which is about 76.3% complete. Thanks for the pep talk; back to it!

    Cheers! (I promise, I’ll work for a couple of hours before I start drinking. Otherwise, I don’t get ANYTHING done!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] pretty sure I’ve been to the point others might have given up and have kept pushing through. Whatever, I guess I can do it a little longer. What’s one more […]


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