Awolnation! (Another Concert)

This was one of those times, much like that sixth  last cup of coffee, where I know I should have just said no and passed but I really don’t regret saying yes either.

I should have said no because it required taking a night off work when I don’t have vacation time and spending money when I’m not working as much as I should be right now (and am, honestly, okay with that even though it puts me in the middle of one of those time/money paradoxes). I said Yes because, well, it’s a concert and …..AWOLnation!!!!

They are and have been for a while (which is really saying something considering my attention span) one of my absolute favorite bands. Plus I’ve seen them before and they are so good live.  In fact, an Awolnation concert in Grand Rapids was the first concert I dragged my co-blogger to. This was sort of like our Concertversary (because that’s a real thing!). In all fairness, she hasn’t really objected and my musical influences have probably improved her over all quality of life. She tends to suffer from Bad Music Syndrome. I do my best to help.

When I bought the tickets I thought I was getting my usual general admission floor level tickets but when we got to the concert…surprise! We were directed to the third level. At first I was a little disappointed about not being able to push as close to the stage as possible and jump around mashing up against a bunch of strangers. Oddly I enjoy that level of contact with strangers in the concert setting whereas in normal life I would avoid physical contact with strangers at all costs. They say your personal bubble is proportional to the length of your arms; I have long arms. But at a concert it’s different.

Turns out the first row of the third balcony is a really good place to be. For one, we had seats which meant getting to sit through the (somewhat lame) opening band instead of standing around for at least an hour before the real concert even starts. Not having sore feet is a huge bonus! Secondly, there was no one in front of us. I’m 5’2 and always seem to end up behind a row of tall people at general admission shows but here we were with an awesome view of the stage.

fillmore opening band

While this place (The FIllmore in Detroit) is not huge, it’s a bit bigger than the venues we had recently been to. I can only imagine the tall assholes I might have been stuck behind. Third, The Fillmore is a really cool venue and from that vantage point it was easier to take it all in. I’ve been there before but had always been on the main floor. There are giant suits of armor, stone eagles, gold paintings on the ceiling, fun stuff like that and there was some interesting crowd watching before and even during the show. However we were extorted into settling for sub-par beer at a ridiculous price. At one point my co-blogger leans over and says “Budlight is basically like drinking water now.”

“Yes” ,I agreed, “Craft beers have ruined us.” It’s true.  cool crowd shot

As for the show itself, Awolnation was as good if not better than the first time we saw them. The main singer guy is amazingly energetic and charismatic. He was all over the place dancing and jumping around the entire show. At one point he even danced right out of his shoes and went crowd surfing. I definitely would not have noticed his shoes still sitting on stage if we were on the main level. I might have actually gotten to touch the guy though; that might’ve made up for it.

awolnation lead singer They played a good mix of songs from their latest cd (Run) and their first one which helped keep some of the less die hard fans engaged. Overall it was one of those concerts where everything was just…right. And SOoo cool…And awesome! Seriously, I’m geeking out a little just thinking about it. Needless to say, I would definitely go see Awolnation again if I had the chance.              post concert selfie

Even after seeing them for a second time one question lingers regarding Awolnation and their music and it’s an important one: Are they Doctor Who fans?

No, I don’t randomly try to guess who is a Doctor Who fan and who is not but some of Awolnation’s themes and song titles make me strongly suspect that they are. I mean, their latest radio-played song (Hollow Moon) is about Bad Wolf…

and the whole CD being called Run…


Doctor-Who-Matt-Smith-running-New-York DW run 1 dw run gif

I mean, really, how could they not be?

(Adds “Channel inner thirteen year old fan girl and find way to contact Awolnation to ask if they’re Doctor Who fans” to To-do list)


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