Crochet & Coffee on the Beach


You know that feeling when you don’t quite realize how hungry you are until you take a bite of something then it suddenly occurs to you that your were starving & whatever you’re eating at that moment tastes like the best thing on the planet?
Don’t lie, I know you do.
I just experienced that. It was a chicken wrap made with five day old, campfire cooked chicken, cheese and a little mayo. In reality that is not the best food ever but my perception was that it’s pretty damn close. It tasted like summer and felt like the culmination of an idyllic week.
I’m riding home from Sault Saint Marie in the very last row of my minivan, somewhere I’m not sure I’ve ever sat. It’s a whole new perspective, at least as an adult. Actually it’s a bit reminiscent of my childhood camping trips especially so because my dad is driving. We’re on our way home from picking up my oldest son from a camp up north; I napped most the way home so I can work tonight. However, earlier this week I made the same drive home with three of my five kids.

Until this trip I hadn’t been camping in seven years. Ironically enough that trip was to the same place I took my boys this time, though our location  was determined by the aforementioned camp (as was the timing which is why my daughter wasn’t with us). That other trip was seven years and a lifetime ago. It was the last or maybe the only family vacation that we took, back when I was married, that was actually fun and relaxing for all of us. I remember it being a much needed break; in retrospect it was right before things really began to decline between my now ex husband and I. But for a few days we were just a family with four young kids (it was exactly a year before the youngest was born) camping on Lake Superior, enjoying the awesome nature that Michigan has to offer.

08 lake superior

Despite how different life is now for my family, this trip was not so different. Maybe our collective perspective is a little different (and everyone but me is quite a bit taller) but once again we were just a family enjoying the solace of nature and each other’s company without the regular distractions of daily life. Little to no electronics (my fourteen year old did still have his laptop but it was of limited use without Wifi) and no chores or responsibilities beyond feeding ourselves…. camping food fire & marshmallows

finding shelter…

raising the roof

Raising the roof!

raising the roof 2

Everyone helped.

raising the roof 3

Seriously, if I could get this level of willing participation on chores when we’re at home…

and  relaxation…

E building castles z on the beach

which included coffee and crochet on the beach.

coffee & crochet whitefish bay

While our first camping trip as a one-parent family wasn’t entirely seamless, the minor snafus we did encounter gave us a chance to work together and problem solve. This mini trip (we only stayed two nights) was also a chance to work out the logistical kinks of camping (things like having some kind of padding to sleep on and trying out your equipment before you leave), Hopefully we’ll get to use our new found camping skills again this summer.

Oh, and there was a TARDIS too!

Tardis 1

Just a madman in a box.

Tardis 2

It was a total geek out moment for me & the kids. Seriously, we were SUPER excited to stumble upon this on the college campus where my oldest was attending camp.

Hello Canada

Hello, Canada!


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    The next doctor! I love it!

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