Home Improvement Bastards

After returning from vacation I had 3 whole days before school started with no work. I was looking around my office and decided that would be enough time to paint it. I now know this was extremely optimistic. I wanted to have a place while in school that would be pretty and mine and a sanctuary. Besides the previous owners did a terrible job painting. Terrible.

It’s like they just ran out of paint. They just stopped!

Painter’s tape is for losers.

Missed a spot but the curtains will cover it.

I don’t even have a comment for this.

So I started with the basics. Sanding, so much sanding, and patching, so much patching.

My faithful helper surveying the situation

Things were moved and covered.

Covering things = cat tent

And then three days were up and school started and I was back to work. My office was in worse shape than when I started and I was busy as could be again. Every chance I got I was plugging away at painting.

Got the ceiling and first color (gray) on the walls

Eleven days after I started I finally had all the color on the wall and the trim work done.

With a fresh looking office I went off to Ikea to get a new addition to my desk. That of course required assembling.

My helper doesn’t have a look of confidence!

The desk is put together and I replaced all the outlets and outlet covers to be a very crisp white instead of a painted over (bastards) cream. I’m waiting on the final reveal though. I have a plan of doing a Pintrest craft this weekend for one of the last touches on the office. Stay tuned…things could get interesting.

5 thoughts on “Home Improvement Bastards

  1. Wow – go you! From what I can see, that looks amazing. I came across this blog this morning, and thought of you – scroll down. Lots of DIY: https://suburbanbetty.wordpress.com


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