The 3-5 Mile Rut: A Boring Running Recap

A couple few months ago I wrote about my vague running goal of going faster & further than I had been going. After a bit I decided there should be some numbers attached to that for the sake of concreteness and accuracy.
In June I set my sights on running 90 miles in the month but life happens so that did not. Midway through the month I realized that that just wasn’t a realistic goal when my kids and I were all still in school. I stayed right around the 70 mile mark as I had the month before.  I was actually okay with not meeting my goal; I’ve been trying to be more realistic with the expectations I have for myself. Besides there was always July.

During my 90 mile attempt in June I got a couple good long runs in which helped offset not being able to run every day. Had I done the same in July this post would have an entirely different title.
Sadly I did not. I seemed to hit a comfort zone of 3-5 miles for my regular runs…. and then stayed there. Seriously, I did not run more than five miles at a time until the end of July was imminent. Then I chugged my way through a terrible, and I do mean terrible , 8.5 mile run. I’m not even sure if it can properly be called a run, it was that bad. Regardless, Nike Plus counted it as a run and that’s what really mattered to my running goal.

But in the end, the end of the month to be exact, it didn’t matter. I fell short. Not by much, but still.


All my small runs added up to a total of 82 (ish…I round up to account for discrepancy of distance created by my phone’s week gps signal) miles for the month of July.
Close but no cigar for this girl!

I would say “There’s always August” & try that shit again but a crazy week combined with a bad cold at the beginning of the month have already made that…highly unlikely to say the least. Instead I’m focusing on being more disciplined in both my running and my eating and maybe my blogging too. We’ll see about that though.


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2 thoughts on “The 3-5 Mile Rut: A Boring Running Recap

  1. Marty says:

    You need to remember there are different types of running, each of which can lead to fitness and weight loss. It obviously depends on your goal(s). But intensive (i.e. interval running) can be a successful alternative to big distance,


    • nights7 says:

      That’s true. Often I get so focused on quantity that I forget quality is important too. I’ve been working to remedy that this month as I begin consciously training for a half marathon.

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