The Next Phase (of school, anyway)

As we might have mentioned, my co-blogger and I are both back in school. In fact, it is often my excuse for lack of blogging. As it is this time – I just got done with a speedy summer session of Microbiology. I have one more week off before all my work pays off into…Nursing School. That’s right folks! I was accepted into an accelerated nursing program which will begin in T-11 days. It’s a strange feeling being at this point. I’ve been working towards this for what feels like forever taking classes a few at a time and now it’s here.

I’m excited, a bit nervous and have been ready for a change. Today I sat through a very long orientation where they brought in all kinds of helper services to explain how they could be used. I know it was supposed to be beneficial but I couldn’t help my mind from wandering into how and why I was sitting in that room.

I played with the idea of going back to school ever since I graduated the first time around. I really could never make a decision about what I wanted to go back for and so I just never made a decision, for years. In the meantime, along with my full time job, I worked for a Forensic Psychiatrist/Holocaust Survivor. For about 10 years he pushed me to go back to school for something. While I contemplated different ideas he would always give his input. He was an old Jewish man who treated me like a family member so therefore I was subject to his opinion and he would be sure to tell me if I was selling myself short. According to him I often was and now I’m inclined to think he was right. He passed away last August. I was already on track for nursing school (or occupational therapy – at that point I hadn’t quite decided) and he approved. He was a lifelong learner and that’s one lesson I most definitely took to heart. This is who he was (in part, at least):

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