Long Run Day

Over the past two weeks I’ve had a slight increase in stress. Lucky for me it’s summer and my base line stress level is much lower than it would be at other times of the year. Regardless, there is one upside to this stress: the runs.
No, I’m not talking about diarrhea. Don’t be gross! (Unless it’s funny then, by all means, be gross.) I’m talking about better running; an improvement on my regular runs such as going faster and being more motivated to run on an almost daily basis. And it couldn’t happen at a better time.
After running (and winning my age division) in a 10k two weeks ago I realized it’s time to get my ass in gear & get ready for the half marathon I want plan to run in October.


So I’ve been eating more protein & smoothies and (sadly) fewer pizza rolls and running more purposefully. In the spirit of more disciplined running I picked a day for weekly long runs. I call it Long Run Day….or Wednesday. Whichever you prefer.
Last week I did a seven mile trail run & felt pretty good. There was some walking but it was hot & muggy; that calls for cutting oneself some slack. Or maybe I’m just making excuses. With the intention of adding a mile to the long run each week I planned for an eight mile run this week. As it turns out the loop was a little longer than I thought it was.


Yup, I went almost nine & a quarter  and check out that average mile time. It’s way better than my usual. (Which makes me question whether or not my running app might be lying to me.)
It seems the trudging runs of the spring months along with my efforts to increase miles this summer are bearing some fruit. Well, that and the aforementioned stress increase. I might be concerned about how the resolution of that particular stress might lead to regression in my recent running progress buuut school starts soon and with it a whole new increase of stress to motivate my long runs.
I’m not sure if I’ll repeat nine or bump up to ten miles this coming week. Either way I’m on track to run at least fourteen miles at once before Big Race Day.
I don’t know about you but I’m excited about that!


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3 thoughts on “Long Run Day

  1. Marty says:

    Why don’t you be a bit conservative and repeat the same run next week. Then take it up a notch the following.


    • nights7 says:

      As of right now I’m planning to wait & see how I feel on Wednesday. If I’m feeling good I’ll aim for ten, if I’m tired or sore I’ll take it easy. Somewhere along the line I’m sure I’ll have an ultra busy week & have to skip the long run so it wouldn’t hurt to be just a bit ahead of schedule.


  2. […] time to focus on myself, to be alone, quiet, and okay with that. During my training I felt awesome each time I ran a new farthest distance even if no one else gave a rat’s ass about it. That’s what distance running is about. […]


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