A Little Late Summer Crochet

As you can see it’s feast or famine around here. When it rains it pours..or when we decide to post we really go all out and Post, like, every day apparently. Really that’s just a coincidence. Or maybe it’s because we both have this week of wait time before school starts and are frantically trying to finish up all those lingering projects before the chaos sets in. That’s probably it.

While I’ve been slaving away diligently working on this baby blanket for the past few months I had this little side project going on too. Because, well, instant gratification. Plus my sister asked if I would make my little neice a summer hat. She posted a picture on my Facebook timeline of a hat she really liked.


Unfortunately that hat didn’t have a pattern available. Well, not one in English anyway. But that’s what Google is for.

After I found this similar pattern and realized I needed finer yarn to keep this bad boy toddler sized it was smooth sailing.

coffee & crochet

While this isn’t exactly the same shape as the hats my sister originally showed me it turned out quite cute if I do say so myself.

summer hat 1 summer hat 2summer hat 3

it’s refreshing to crochet a quick project like a hat…

t-rez crochet ……….but next summer she’s making her own.

P.S.- Here’s the link to the flower pattern I used for credit’s sake and in case you want to try one.


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