Painting Fever

Yup, I caught the fever. My co-blogger’s seemingly constant painting along with her attempts to use this last little bit of time before classes start to get shit done have rubbed off on me. My painting fever is closer to low grade than raging though; I didn’t even paint a whole room. Let me explain…

I bought & moved into my house three years ago (almost exactly). It needed and still needs a lot of work but I’m not that knowledgeable or skilled in home improvement stuff and just don’t have the time to learn everything right now. I do, however, know how to paint. This old house has plaster walls many of which are covered with layers and layers of wallpaper. A hundred years of wallpaper topped with a few layers of paint. Ugh!

A couple months after moving in I was ready to tackle a wallpaper pealing/painting project. Or so I thought. Armed with a spray bottle of vinegar & water, a ladder, and a scraper I dug into the excitement that is taking down wallpaper with the enthusiasm of a naive first time home owner. It was quite a process. I spent weeks cutting, scraping, and spraying just to scrape some more and then sand and wash and scrape again. Turns out that glue does not let go easily. To add to the fun bits of plaster came off with the paper especially around the door frame. That required patching and more sanding. After at least a couple months one wall was cleared of that obnoxious paper, a small wall at that. I adopted an “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality and decided against scraping wallpaper from the remaining walls. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

This is where I drew the line on scraping wallpaper.

This is where I drew the line on scraping wallpaper.

Fast forward a couple years and I’ve done exactly nothing with that wall. Well, I did roll some leftover paint on it sometime in the spring of 2014.

That's home unimprovement right there.

That’s home unimprovement right there.

I’d feel worse about this if the rest of my room wasn’t so…interesting. It’s got a circus striped wall, a door to no where, and a tree. Yes, a tree.

striped wall door to nowhere tree wall

Real sexy right? There is one wall that is just plain white too. That’s boring and normal though so I didn’t bother with a picture. Plus I didn’t want to make my bed. In case you’re wondering, the one wall I scraped was blue like the tree wall and the circus tent stripes.

Now, two and a half years after starting this one-wall project, I found myself with a free day. Paint time!

hooks After some prep of course. I was very tempted to just paint around those hooks but then remembered my co-blogger’s frequent rants about her house’s previous owners (aka Those Lazy Bastards) and their poor paint jobs and I just couldn’t. Heck, when I was done painting I strongly considered leaving the hooks off. The pile of jackets, hats, and scarves on my bed talked some sense into me though.                       painted behind door

Despite the fact that I only painted a small section of my very awkward room I feel like I accomplished something and it’s still quite an improvement. As the new school year begins and the inevitable chaos takes hold I can look at that one corner of my room and know that eventually it can all be this good.

painted patch wall painted top of door

Maybe I should've prepped just a little more and tried to cover that there ridge.

Maybe I should’ve prepped just a little more and tried to cover that there ridge.


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