The Mockingjay

Now that I’ve finished what my daughter calls The Fandom blanket for one of my friend’s baby girl I thought I’d share some of the squares that give this blanket it’s nerdy awesomeness. The focal point of the blanket is….


The Mockingjay.
Before you get too impressed I did not create this, I merely followed a grid pattern found on Ravelry. Most the squares in this little blanket are pretty close to 4×4 (inches) but the Mockingjay is considerably larger. I knew when I found this pattern that it would be but it was just so cool and so perfect for this blanket that I couldn’t resist. I figured there would be a little stretching to accommodate it but it wouldn’t be a big deal. When I was arranging squares trying to decide on the best layout I realized that Mockingjay here was as tall as two of the other sized squares. Thus the center of the blanket was born.

wpid-20150816_232747.jpg Except I had originally planned on this being a five square by five square blanket. With Mockingjay in the center width wise it was clear I needed to add another row. It just wasn’t quite right any other way.

I improvised two more themed squares and made three more of the background squares real quick and the Mockingjay was appropriately centered.


Because my daughter likes this blanket sooo much and has broadly hinted at wanting her very own Fandom Blanket, I made another Mockingjay square. This time I used higher contrast colors. image

The second version came out a little bigger but I’ll probably make most the squares in the second fandom blanket bigger so it’ll work up more quickly. Really I don’t have a distinct plan yet though so we’ll see.

wpid-20150913_030355.jpg  Using two colors with more contrast made the second version look even cooler than the first. I didn’t think that was possible.


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6 thoughts on “The Mockingjay

  1. Woohoo! This is awesome! I’m fanning out over it! 😉


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  4. […] Which apparently I did not get a picture of. Hey, I was super exhausted that day.  Her birthday fell on a week that I was working extra shifts And the kids had extra appointments and activities. Really it was just an outline of a tombstone that I printed out and wrote on, nothing spectacular. I wrote the dates Fall 2015-Winter 2017 (because this will be finished this winter) on the tombstone. My daughter was impressed with how long I’ve been working on this. (My first post about this blanket-to-be is here.) […]


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