New Semester, Absent Bloggers

Whoever said alcohol doesn’t solve problems wasn’t in nursing school.

You might have noticed our absence. School has started again and can you say busy?!?! I’m in nursing school and working full time and I know my co-blogger is also up to her ears in things to do.

This school year, only 1 month in, has been a shock to my system. I have never been so scheduled before. I have to be somewhere or studying every moment I’m awake. It was a lot at first and now, it’s not less, but, I’m settling into a pattern and flow. Since I have limited free time I’m becoming very stingy with how I spend it.

So, if you’ve been wondering what’s going on over here that’s about it. I’ll randomly post about how awful/wonderful nursing school is…and I’m always reading what you post and dreaming of home improvements and crochet projects.
I also have a guest room that is in shambles. Eventually I need to paint that….

4 thoughts on “New Semester, Absent Bloggers

  1. At least you’re not in love with one of your professors!

    Enjoy the pain. Real life is worse! XOXO



  2. erika says:

    Nursing school is an all consuming, life-changing rite of passage… Hang in there!


  3. […] semester has been a trying one so far and I’m not even in nursing school. Getting into the groove of the school/kids/work/life balance after a comparatively relaxing summer […]


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