Making Good Use of Bad Time

I don’t really think there is such a thing as bad time. Time is just… time, neither good nor evil. It’s the one thing you truly can never make more of. That being the case you’d think we’d all use our time a little more wisely than we tend to.

When I was staring into this long, blank slate of a weekend (a very rare thing in my life) I really wasn’t sure what to do with so much empty time. My main goal was to get out of bed every day and to avoid wallowing.
Must avoid that dark abyss!
Mostly I managed surprisingly well. I did have a moment Saturday evening, sitting on my couch in my pajamas, where I teetered on the edge. Luckily I thought to make a list. I grabbed an old envelope and on one side wrote “Ways to Waste Time” and then on the other wrote “How can I use this time to make life better? ”

Turns out the second list grew longer than I anticipated. There were a lot of things I could and should be doing. So I got off the couch, showered, & went out for beer with a friend.
Sunday morning I rolled out of bed and engaged in being productive.
First there was this:


I finally got around to using the Kitchen Aid mixer my mom gave me months ago, the same one I used to make hundreds of dozens of chocolate chip cookies with throughout my childhood. (I’ve always baked when I’m bored.) Also I tapped into the excess of old bananas in my freezer. Win win.

Then there was some (boring) cleaning up and washing dishes.
And then there was this:


Chicken, potatoes, and veggies with the potential to become so much more!


All they need is a little help from some yummy broth stuff to become chicken pot pie.


Having meals in my freezer makes a huge difference in my crazy busy weeks with my kids. So. yeah. productivity.


Along with the topless pot pies (they’re better if you add the biscuit topping when you cook them) and banana bread for the old freezer I baked and casseroled some sweet potatoes. I’m not sure that counts as making life easier though since I’m the only person in my household who will eat sweet potatoes even when they’re topped with brown sugar, butter, and pecans. Weird isn’t it?

After the baking, picking up a couple shifts at work, and some low level socialization it was finally…FINALLY Monday. And finally time for my kids to come back to me. And all was right in the world. (For three whole days.)


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5 thoughts on “Making Good Use of Bad Time

  1. Pavowski says:

    I think it was Shakespeare who said, “there’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

    Also, “topless pot pies” sound pretty naughty.


    • nights7 says:

      I think this Shakespeare guy was really onto something there.
      I like to imagine the “topless pot pies” having wild parties with the “meat sauce” when the freezer closes, sort of like Toy Story but food.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t live that close to friends, and my boyfriend used to travel a lot for work at the weekend, so I know how long a weekend can be… But having a plan of (hopefully nice) stuff to get done – and doing it, really helps. It’s nice to see the fruits of your labours and you don’t feel like the time has been wasted. I just used to arse about with craft, but at least your time was spent a bit more usefully! Nice Work.


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