Netflix & Crochet

After a particularly grueling test/presentation I decided that I was going to do nothing the rest of the evening. Well, not nothing, I sent a text to my co-blogger/friend and declared I was going to Netflix and Crochet…you know, similar to Netflix and Chill. Except more solo activity and less groping. Way less groping.

Although I did have a partner while crocheting. Although he wasn’t interested in me. He only wanted me for my yarn.

20151203_225146 20151203_225155 20151203_225204

There was a very important reason for my lack of studying and excess of crocheting. I have been finishing a baby blanket for a good friend whose baby shower was this weekend. I finished the blanket just a couple hours before the shower but it turned out brilliantly!

Working on the layout

Working on the layout

With only 1 border and finally all attached. + 1 cat

With only 1 border and finally all attached. + 1 cat

DONE! and quite big for a baby blanket & toasty. + another cat. They were not included in the present.

DONE! and quite big for a baby blanket & toasty. + another cat. They were not included in the present.

Netflix portion of the project consisted of “The Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Jessica Jones.” Can I just say how much I love Barry Allen??! I do. I watched “The Flash” first and decided to go back and check out “The Arrow” and, wow!, he’s dreamy!

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It was nice to concentration on something other than nursing textbooks even if it was brief. I’m gearing up for finals week and then have a beautiful 2 1/2 week break. I mean I’ll still be working full time but…I’ll have TIME again. For all those studying for finals this week. Be brave it’s almost over and remember –


2 thoughts on “Netflix & Crochet

  1. Ngozi says:

    Hi! Congrats on being able to carve out some time for yourself in the midst of studying. I love the idea of Netflix and crochet! When my sister and I first learned to crochet we would spend hours crocheting and rewatching One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek 🙂

    I just wrapped on my first semester of graduate school and unfortunately did not focus on my self-care as much as I should but I have 4 weeks off now and I plan on spending it catching up on all of my missed crochet time.

    I am a major fan of The Flash and Arrow! Grant Gustin is the perfect Barry Allen and I love him so :). Oliver Queen isn’t so bad to look at either ;).

    Good luck with your finals this week!


    • sindel17 says:

      Enjoy your time off!! I used to love Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill (until they left high school anyway). Hope you get some good crochet time in! I’ve also been loving iZombie on Netflix. It’s worth checking out. Thanks for the comment and the luck! 😉

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