On Scarves and Mental Stamina

Theoretically it’s close to winter here in Michigan. Even though we’ve had more of this


than this
shiny snow


the past couple weeks, it has been (barely) cool enough to break out some of my favorite crochet items. Part of the reason I look forward tot his time of year is hats and scarves. I haven’t made anything lately but I do so love my collection of hats and scarves. I’m not a big fan of those circular scarves though, infinity scarves that wrap around multiple times in large loops. They’re just not my thing, I prefer long scarves that I can choose to wrap or wear long, tied in a knot. That’s usually the way I wear my scarves, long and hanging down.

On one recent scarf wearing day I was doing some of the light cleaning required at my job, I noticed that my scarf was going places that no scarf should go. The dishwasher full of dirty dishes or the hot oven for example. Gross. And unsafe. As I watched my scarf try, once again, to dip into an unsavory spot (and then later almost closed it in my car door) I realized that scarves are like capes. Front capes. And in the words of the admirable Edna Mode:No capes!

I’m not going to stop wearing my favorite front capes but I’m hoping this new level of awareness will help keep me from a fate similar to that of Stratta-girl.

On a totally unrelated note (except for the fact that I’m sitting here writing a pointless post about scarves instead of studying or making dinner), tomorrow is my last final for the semester. One more test and I’m DONE! (until January at least) Even though I’m so so close to the end I feel like I’ve run out of steam. This week has been a little crazy. My kids seem to sense my need for study time and become more needy. Monday evening there were some serious melt downs. The usual flow of our evenings has been punctuated by spurts of emotional angst due to me not letting a certain eleven-year old play M rated video games. It’s totally unfair and he feels that he needs to tell me this every couple hours or so and then lament how his older brothers got to play the same games when they were his age. I really don’t have time to think about whether they did or not. Add to all this the fifty million holiday things that must be done before Friday and my mental stamina is, well, exhausted. I’m half tempted to email the professor and tell him I won’t be taking the final. That actually is a possibility. The lowest test grade gets dropped making the final technically optional. I have the grade I need for this class to count. Barely. It’s not pretty but it’s there. In reality I won’t do that. It goes against my overachieving tendencies. But then again so does getting and being okay with a C. Like I said, mental stamina…gone.

















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One thought on “On Scarves and Mental Stamina

  1. […] or treats, that week) and I wrote a post whining about the final for my last class. Maybe you read it, I kind of hope you didn’t. At the end of that post I said I didn’t even want to take […]


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