Layers of Yumminess

Because my family is huge, crazy, and a good number of us are ADD, holiday gatherings always have an element of only slightly organized chaos. Each year around Thanksgiving (late November) someone will take the initiative to organize the sibling gift exchange  and the neice/nephew name drawing (where people from my generation get a gift for someone in the next generation). Usually someone else will start trying to pin everyone down for a day and time that all the majority of us can be together to celebrate. This year there was no one day that everyone could agree on. We have a few siblings from out of state, one in state who lives at least two hours drive from anyone else, a few who work in health care (ie have to work some holidays), and one who is a music director of a church. In other words, it’s complicated.
This year we ended up with three different Christmas gatherings, two of which are brunches. Typically I’m a bringer of desserts. Fancy cheesecakes and pies are my favorite. But those aren’t very cohesive with brunch so I had to put aside my baking preferences and adapt. Instead of Salted Caramel or Chocolate Mousse cheesecake my contribution this year was layers.
Healthy(ish) breakfast layers:


And sweet, delicious layers:


It might be brunch but it’s still the holidays.
Some people call those dessert bars seven layer bars, in the cook book I have they’re called Outrageous Bars. Either way they are very easy to make and super yummy with a graham cracker crumb base, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut flakes, and a light sprinkling of pecan pieces. My mom used to make these back when I was in elementary school. For me they taste a little bit like nostalgia too. If you need a quick dessert I highly recommend this.
The other layer thing, the breakfast one, is also extremely easy to make. Basically I oscillate between making complicated things (or maybe making things complicated) and just wanting the easiest thing possible. And I don’t have a dishwasher so the number of dishes needed can be a deciding factor. In the simple and low dish dirtying categories this one is a win.
Using an electric griddle cook frozen potatoes of your choosing (you can use fresh potatoes but that detracts from the easy aspect), once they’re all toasty and slightly browned spread them out in a 13×9 pan.


Cheese and potatoes

Cook one or two pounds ground sausage (in same electric griddle), layer the sausage on the potatoes.  Apply cheese between layers as desired. Scramble some eggs


You've got to break a few eggs to make.... well just about anything that has eggs in it.

(again in griddle if you’re minimizing dirty dishes) for the next layer then top it off with some cheese and bake it for ten to fifteen minutes just to melt the cheese and whatnot.


Bam! Breakfast.
The leftovers make good breakfast burritos too.


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