What Every Doll Needs

One of the most popular, highly searched posts on this blog is the one about a cowl I made a couple years back. It was an imitation of the one the character Katniss Everdeen wears in the movie Catching Fire.

When I was making that cowl the movie was just hitting theaters and a few other bloggers were trying their hand at imitating what became known as The Katniss Cowl. Shortly after that these cowls became a sought after item; some people probably made a killing selling theirs. I ended up making three slightly different versions of this cowl, the one on the right above, one for my daughter, and another one without the dramatic rings around the neck (shown below) that I never blogged about (but actually wear sometimes).

my k cowl

While I do think every doll, err, woman needs a cowl, that isn’t exactly what the title of this post is referencing.

I was geeking out with a friend over the new Star Wars movie and she brought up the fact that Disney is missing a huge marketing niche by not making Rey dolls. Later she sent me a picture of an American Girl type doll in a Rey costume. This friend and I, though we met in high school, grew up in the golden era of American Girl dolls back when they were  produced by a small business called the Pleasant Company. We are both total nerds about our dolls. And total nerds in general as it turns out. Anyhow, that conversation, combined with an upcoming birthday party for a seven year old girl, inspired me to try my hand at making…


A Katniss cowl for dolls.




There’s no pattern for this thing, I didn’t even write down what I was doing as I went. I literally just started with the top ropes.. 20160107_215233.jpg

And tried it on the doll making adjustments and plotting my next move as I went.image

It’s been a while since I came up with an idea, started it, and had a finished product within 24 hours. I was amazed at how fast it was to crochet this thing and am eager to try again. I know my friend wants one and my daughter was a little disappointed that we were giving this super cool thing away (not gonna lie, I was too) so hopefully I’ll be making one or two more of these in the near future. heck, now I’ve got a whole bunch of doll cosplay ideas bouncing around in my head. Maybe this will be a new things here.


I’m pretty sure this would also fit a small to medium sized cat but if you’re dressing your cat in super cool costumes like this  you might want to keep it a secret. Well, take pictures and post them to the internet anonymously because I’d want to see it but, for real, I wouldn’t talk about that (says the single, 35 year old who spent her Friday evening making doll clothes).

Seriously though, a Katniss cat??? I think the world needs that.

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