Now that’s a show!

So the other day I saw the band Muse in concert at Joe Louis arena in Detroit.
Before the day of the show I had mixed feelings about it. Tickets were more expensive than I thought they were going to be (Seriously, a $17 “service fee” and a $6 delivery fee for tickets we printed?), it was a bigger venue, & our seats were kind of far away. Plus I had to be at work at 3am that same night. I mean, it’s Muse and I love Muse  but… Meh.
After the show though, even days later, I’m all like…..
syndrome.jpgIn case you’re not familiar with Pixar’s The Incredibles the line that goes with this is “Oh man. I’m still geeking out about that!!!!”

It was such a great show!
Not just musically, though it was indeed that, there were cool lights and visual effects using screened panels that dropped from the rafters.


There were drones being flown around in glowing bulbs….



Big black spheres that looked like tarry bubbles and let loose a confetti storm when they popped (which I did not get a picture of..I was too busy taking in the actual experience), an inflatable rocket ship, and more. On top of that the three band members are excellent performers and skilled musicians.


This dude was skipping around the stage, singing, and playing all at the same time. 


Oh, and our sort of crappy seats got upgraded to pretty great ones.
See that curtain there?


That’s where we were originally supposed to be and this picture was taken from where we got moved too. We ended up in the first section off the floor ten rows back. There was a couple seated at either end of the row but other than that it was all ours. Plenty of room to dance and jump around like fools (so naturally we did)


Our band of merry concert goers

The only thing that wasn’t super fun and great about this experience is that we missed the opening band. I really wanted to see X Ambassadors but my older brother was coming straight from work…on the opposite side of the state.

Muse was everything I hoped and dreamed they’d be. They sang a lot of songs from their latest album, Drones, along with some of my favorites like Madness

(obviously this wasn’t from the performance we were at but you get the idea) and Undisclosed Desires, and (of course) Resistance.




P.S- My apologies for the blurry pics. I blame cell phones and the fact that none of wanted to sit still long enough to take decent pictures.


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One thought on “Now that’s a show!

  1. candidkay says:

    A friend bought her family of four tickets and then her son’s most important final was scheduled the day following the concert. They didn’t go! I told her her son might have done better with a little Muse in his system:).


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