Home Improvement: the plumbing edition (lite)

As I may have mentioned, a few times, the previous owners of my house did everything half-assed. The plumbing was no exception.

It all started with a new refrigerator. The fridge that came with the house has leaked water into the fridge area from the freezer since almost the first month. I’d clean out the freezer which would have a massive buildup of ice and things would be fine for a couple weeks. Then it would start leaking again and food would be wet. It was a huge pain. So after Thanksgiving we went and picked out a beautiful and very on sale French-door refrigerator. Unfortunately it was out of stock until after Christmas. But New Year’s Eve day our new fridge arrived and the leaky one was finally taken away.

The new fridge came with ice and water filter. Now, when we bought the fridge the guy made it sound like hooking it up wouldn’t be so bad but I called in backup anyway. My dad came down to help me out. Turns out it was a good thing he did. It’s easy to tap into a copper pipe or the plastic kind. We don’t have copper or plastic we have galvanized steel. Guess which is the hardest to work with? Yeah.

A few different attempts and at least three runs to Home Depot and we discover there was ALREADY A TAP ON A LINE! Yeah, hidden in our “Harry Potter” closet in the basement was a line that was already tapped and just below it was the emergency water cut-off for the house. To be on the safe side when attaching everything my dad turned off the water to the house. The valve broke. No water to the house.

He didn’t even really need to turn it off but did it just to be on the safe side. And, yeah, we were left without water.


So, I called the city so they could turn off the water at the street and we could fix the valve. The valve that actually required a real plumber, luckily my boyfriend has one of those in the family. By the time the valve was fixed we were 1/2 hour too late for the city to turn the water back on. Turns out city workers for water go home at 3pm!!

After a night without water (well, I was at work with water so there was that) we were back in service. Although since the water had been off it was full of sediment. It was worth it though and the family plumber gave a me a reasonable estimate on replacing all of the plumbing in our house. He strongly believes in converting to copper.

Our new fridge is wonderful and makes pretty little ice cubes. Whew!



5 thoughts on “Home Improvement: the plumbing edition (lite)


    Does it make margaritas, too? 😉



  2. […] week. That’s right, another semester is in the books. Right in the middle of finals week my fridge leaked! All over the corner of the basement. And it smelled awful. How is it that small crises know […]


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