Guilty Pleasures (aka, Things I Love)

It’s winter break therefore I’m indulging in all my guilty pleasures. Although I read a quote recently that I have to agree with.

dave grohl

And what can I say?! I love the cheesiest of things. My taste in music has been well documented on this blog. People, mainly my co-blogger, have tried to mold my music taste. I’ve liked most of the bands she’s introduced to me. But, I just bought the Justin Bieber cd and I really want the Rihanna one. Music street cred? I have none.

Did I mention I was on winter break. You know what show I’m totally sucked into right now?

v pump

I love it! The DRAMA!! Sure, I want to say that I’m discriminating with my tv choices but I’m not, I totally dig the Bravo cheesiness. Although I do have big plans of finishing Mad Men since the last few episodes finally showed up on Netflix!

I am discriminating when it comes to beer however. I live in Michigan, one of the best places for craft beer, and I’ve tasted a good variety of them. (and hoping to try more this winter break) I love a good beer. Currently my faves are Oddside Ale’s Bean Flicker, Rochester Mill’s Milkshake Stout and Short’s Soft Parade. Bean Flicker is a blonde ale with coffee. Beer + coffee: does life get any better?!?! There are several other stouts and bourbon barrel aged beer that are quite delicious – Founders does a good job at those. I highly recommend them all. I’m not much an IPA fan but I do love Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted Ale. I could go on and on but I’ll spare you.

MI beer

So, music, tv, beer – all the bases covered for break? Almost. There’s also coffee and books but as I still have homework to do the pleasure reading will have to wait. And coffee? As long as it’s strong and not Folger’s/Maxwell House things are heading in the right direction.

dave guilty

Because it bares repeating



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