Too many tests – so I got a drink

Sometimes all you need is a drink with friends after particularily horrible tests.


It’s been one of those weeks in nursing school. The kind that makes you reconsider life choices and causes hair to fall out. (No, really, I’m not even kidding about the hair.) It combined all the cliches of nursing school – multiple tests with no correct answers, study guides that don’t pertain to the test and no time for anything but studying. Tonight it was over so tonight we drank.


Ok, most of us live kinda far from school so there wasn’t actually a lot of getting drunk. But a beer and some bar food. In my non-nursing school life I’ve got some good people around me. They let me whine and flip out and they listen and talk me off the edge. However there is something to be said for hanging out with a group of people who all understand exactly what you’re going through. And are funny and have no boundaries when it comes to topics of conversation. Those cliches are true too. Want to be grossed out? Just eavesdrop on a group of people in the medical profession. Sheesh. It was a much needed time-out from all the stress.

Now it’s time to get back to the grind and prep for the next test because the semester isn’t over yet.


One day I might write one of those “How to survive nursing school” posts or have study tips or something. But today is not that day. It seems like that would take some thought. Instead just learn from Ryan Gosling.


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