Getting Back to Yarn

Lately I’ve felt a disconnect with the blog. It hasn’t been that many days since I’ve posted (just ten) and my coblogger has filled in the blanks nicely (one of the many reasons we appreciate our two-blogger blog set up here), but I haven’t been writing crap here as much as I’ve wanted to these past few weeks because…My life has been insane! Just the usual end of semester/parenting/getting close to half marathon day insane though. Nothing too cray.

I’ve wanted to blog and just haven’t been able to. My mantra lately is “Must. Stay. Focused!” but there are all these thoughts banging around in my head that need to be turned into blog posts before, like post-vasectomy semen, they’re reabsorbed, broken down, and their parts are used for something else. Time and energy, but mostly time, have been my limiting factors. I seriously need to figure out how to sleep just a little bit less so I can do just a little bit more of the things I actually want to be doing…such as blogging. And yarn.

Yes, I know yarn isn’t a verb. Yarning might be though, as in “Mom, why is that lady over there yarning?” (actually said by a kid at a soccer game), and there has been NO yarning here for quite a while. Like, weeks. Maybe even a month!

I’ve been feeling the yarn withdraw.

Last week I drove by the yarn store while taking a kid to school. I had to turn right but felt the car actually pulling to the left trying to turn in the direction of that haven of fibrous glory. I looked over at my son and said…

pull of the light side“Help me! I feel the pull of the yarn store.” (in my best Kylo Ren voice…which really isn’t very good. I’ve got to work on that.)

But I resisted because it was still finals week and there was studying I had to do…Must. Stay. Focused!

And then the weekend came, there was still studying to do but the end was so close I could almost taste it. I couldn’t resist any longer. I just needed contact with yarn. I still didn’t have the time to sift through my mental list of Things I Want to Make, choose one, and find the right yarn for the job but I remembered something I had abandoned I don’t even know when. It’s part of a bigger project, a blanket that I erroneously thought I’d be able to finish by Christmas or my daughter’s 13th birthday in January at the latest.  Maybe you remember the multi-fandom themed baby blanket I made for a friend last year…

wpid-wp-1442283602049.jpegI think I blogged about the Mockingjay square I finished for my daughter’s version of this blanket. I also finished some basic background squares way back when, five larger striped grannies.

basic squares 2…and started some Harry Potter house color swatches. By started I mean made three of the four and got 3/4 the way done with the fourth before being overwhelmed by whatever was demanding so much of my time and attention that I just could not crochet another stripe and a half. I’m almost grateful now I didn’t just finish that last one then because it gave me a quick thing that I could pick up before work last Friday night, a grab and go WIP. Even that tiny bit of crochet gave me the satisfaction of having yarn in my hands again, of shaping it into something that wasn’t there before. Seriously, it was maybe twenty minutes worth of crocheting but it was a damn satisfying twenty minutes!

house colors

My semester of classes finally ended yesterday with one wickedly intense final exam. I’ve still got about a month and a half of things I need to stay focused on before I can totally relax and indulge in multiple projects, one of which will be actually making this blanket for my daughter, but it’s good to be doing even a little bit of yarning again!


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2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Yarn

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