The Half Way Point

Today, after a test and presentation, marked the half way point of nursing school. I’m half way. So, some highlights from these past few months:

1. My conversations have gotten way more interesting. For example, my co-student showed us how to hand express breast milk while we were sitting in a bar having beers. And then there’s this:


2. I now understand when taking a nursing test there is “the most correct” answer, even though all the answers are correct. I’d had read this in all the what to expect in nursing school articles but until I experienced it firsthand I didn’t really understand. And then there are the select all that apply questions. I haven’t even learned how to answer those yet!

3. There are no sexy vaginas on the L &  D or Mother/Baby Unit. This stemmed from a conversation after a my male co-student was once again politely asked to leave because, you know, he’s a guy. As he was expressing that seeing vaginas in post-labor condition did nothing for him, our other friend said loudly, on the Mother/Baby floor, that there were no sexy vaginas around here and then the ice maker went off just behind us. Clearly at least the last line of that conversation was overheard…we scattered like cockroaches.

This relates back to #1 that my conversation topics have changed.


4. When it comes to hanging out time is precious and limited. I work full-time and school full-time so free time is limited and celebrated usually with alcohol but not always. With time being in short supply I’m picky about how I spend it and who I spend it with. Sometimes though because I’m on the move so much I just shut down when I have a day off which leads to #5…

5. Netflix is a judgy bastard. So I watch for several hours at a time – it’s called a binge get off my back. Hulu doesn’t judge me this way.


6. Group texts are wonderful and horrible. They have the power to incite panic and conversely get basic questions answered. My phone has never blown up so much in short a time than when 5 other 2nd bach students are freaking out over a test. It’s something to behold. I didn’t know a person could get that many text messages at once.

7. Not all scrubs are created equal. Seriously, some are breathable and comfy and others are stifling and turn me into a sweaty mess. There is also some vast differences in how they fit. I told a friend recently just to spend the money and buy good ones, it’s worth it.

8. Nursing school friends are priceless. There’s something about a group of people all going through the same thing, who have no social life and you’re required to see/be with more than your own family. I make a point to keep in touch with outside friends as nursing school won’t last forever but outside friends don’t always want to hear all the good gross bits and sometimes get tired of hearing that I’m always studying.


It’s been an interesting few semesters thus far. Sometimes I wish I would have done this a lot sooner in my life and sometimes I think I wouldn’t have been ready for it. But I’m pretty happy with the fact that this is my life now.


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