Being Responsible is so Boring

My current car is failing. (Clearly we’ve had some issues with vehicles lately.) Slowly, thankfully, and it’s not terribly unexpected however I really wanted it to last through nursing school. It’s a small Volvo with 200,000+ miles that gets great gas mileage.

I’ve never had a ton of car pride. My first vehicle was a 1994 (don’t judge, yes I’m old) Chevy Lumina. I loved that car. I beat the hell out of it and it just kept going and going. However, it was not a cool car. A few years and 1 car later I purchased another Lumina, slightly newer. Yep, I rocked those midsize sedans. Than I upgraded to a Chevy Blazer, it was red and rear wheel drive. Terrible in the Michigan winters, the gas mileage wasn’t great but useful when moving items. Then I got a Monte Carlo. It was my first really cool car. It was black with leather seats, sunroof and automatic start. People actually had car envy of MY car.

Yeah, it was essential another midsize sedan but it was pretty…and hot. Did I mention it was black?!  It slowly started to nickel and dime me to death and I traded it for my Volvo. The Volvos have sort of a weird cult following. People spend serious money to keep them going to see how many miles they can put on them. It’s, like, a thing. I, however, am not that person. It’s a nice car but I’m not prepared to sink money into a car that just isn’t going to pay me back and who knows how much longer it’s going to last. Besides the Volvo was my first car without a V6. I may have always had lame cars but they could GO.

So, I went test driving. If I was going to take on a car payment I really wanted an SUV that’s 4WD or AWD. I found a decent used Ford Escape and took it home for the night. Sure, Escapes are a dime a dozen. But they’re nice vehicles, it had a V6 and was in really good condition. I drove that Escape up to my Dad’s and as I drove I watched the gas gauge fall. I that’s how I knew that I’d have to suck up whatever car pride I had developed and get the car I didn’t really want. See, I drive a lot right now +/- 600 miles a week. Bad mpg would cost me. Cost me a whole lot.

My uncle is selling a Toyota Camry with exceptionally low miles. I’ll be test driving it Friday. It’s a boring car in great condition. So boring with excellent gas mileage. Really boring and wonderfully priced. I’ll probably be able to drive it for a few years and not lose much money on it. It’s the responsible choice. And the choice I need to make until I drive less and can be cool again.

I’m going back to where I started…hello, you boring mid-sized sedan, welcome home.


2 thoughts on “Being Responsible is so Boring

  1. Cris says:

    Great read! I’m a Camry girl myself. I always swear I’m going to change it up, but always end up with that mid-sized family sedan when it’s time to actually buy a car. You go friend!


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