Beer and Coffee…my happy places

Okay, okay, not really but lately there has been some really great beer and coffee out there. Along with the coming of winter comes all the good winter flavored beer. I really love a good beer. Blue Moon has a great variety pack out with a Chai flavor, pumpkin flavor, cinnamon horchata, and their traditional very tasty beer. As much as I love coffee I also love chai – put a shot of espresso in there and  I’m in heaven but I digress…back to the beer portion. Living in Michigan means that I have access to all kinds of great breweries. It’s like a thing here. One brewery in the area decided to do a 12-days-of-Christmas pack and tap-room takeover. It’s all different flavors of their milkshake stout beer. The original milkshake stout is pretty amazing so there was excitement.

I brought 2 12-packs home because we’re not good at sharing. My boyfriend and I agreed that we would NOT touch the other’s box. Those are some serious promises. It’s been a fun taste test. I’ve been savoring them and spreading them out. Also the labels are super fun.

On the flip side of things….coffee. I’ve had a Keurig for a few years now. I’ve really enjoyed it and it works well as I’m the only one in the house who drinks coffee so a single cup maker is perfect. But I also have a Starbucks problem and it’s an expensive problem. I was getting coffee out way too much, especially the fancy stuff, and the cost was adding up. Years ago, (too many when I think about it) I worked at a coffee/bagel shop through college. I actually know the basics of an espresso drink. I started looking into getting an espresso machine so I could make my own drinks at home. I ended up with one of those new coffee Ninjas. Does a variety of strengths of coffee and has a foamer plus it does single serve coffee without the pods (bad for the environment anyway). It’s been fun messing with coffee drinks again and trying different things. I figure if I stay away from Starbucks it will have paid for itself in a month & a half. I’ve been pretty good at following my own rule so far!

On that note, may you be well caffeinated & have good beer this holiday season!



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