We, that’s right, we, there are two of us. We are midnight workers who decided to blog about the things we talk about at night. Everything from crocheting (the original emphasis of the blog), sewing, running, movies, random opinions, and life in general. So just, you know, stuff.

So, I’ll be posting as sindel17. I learned to crochet several years, made one blanket, started another and stopped. There’s been a 1/3 of the way crocheted blanket sitting behind my couch for years. When I first learned to crochet I only learned the single crochet. So there I was trying to complete a blanket in single crochets. It was too much for me! Well years later I started a night job and had a wee bit of free time. My co-woker (aka my blogging partner) was making super cool stuff with crochet so I decided to pick it back up and try again…but with a smaller project and one easier to carry around. I started watching Bobwilson123 on YouTube and copying the videos. She spoke with such a great accent and started from the basics. Now I’m going to town on all kinds of hats and scarves. Oh, yeah, that blanket is still behind the couch. Who has time for a whole blanket when smaller projects are filling up my head?!? (Update….That blanket behind the couch is now finished! The finishing process was documented right here on this blog! Ha. See blanket construction posts parts 1 through 6.)  –Now it’s been a few years since this was updated. In the meantime I went to and graduated from nursing school, all which was written about at length here. And unfortunately we no longer work together but the rest remains true.



Hi. I’m the aforementioned co-worker.
I blog as Nights7. When I was 12 a friend of the family was getting her teaching degree and decided to run a small sewing class as a school project. It was the best thing that ever happened to me….okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration (but maybe not). As a kid I made clothes for my American Girl doll, my siblings, and even a few things for myself (though as my own worst critic I have a hard time wearing stuff I’ve made). In middle school I took a quilting class through my small town’s Community Education program. It was me and 6 or 7 middle aged women. Socially that was a little awkward but ,after two long years of quilting, I had a lovely, hand quilted queen sized quilt. Since then I’ve stuck to much smaller quilting projects but someday I’ll make another big one.
Just a couple years ago I had a boring job with a lot of sitting around time. I began teaching myself to crochet using various how-to websites. One of my best friends who is an avid knitter caught wind of my fledgling efforts at crocheting and gave me a gift card to a fabric/craft store. She educated me about yarn and some of the amazing things you can do with it. I bought a book & some yarn and I was hooked. I’ve been incessantly crocheting ever since.
Aside from doing crafty stuff with yarn and fabric I have kids, a big old Victorian house, and am navigating the waters of post-divorce life. I enjoy reading, food, and long moderate length walks runs on the beach anywhere outside.

Congratulations, you’ve (finally) made it to the end of our About page. We hope you enjoy reading Night’sWatchBlog.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. interesting concept 🙂


  2. Judy Amy says:

    Thanks for liking my post on Grief and Social Media on http://www.thinkdreamdo.wordpress.com
    I am enjoying meandering through your blog!


  3. Kimberly says:

    Love the concept of your blog duet. Cool! Thanks for your interest in mine also.


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