The Evolution of…This.

Every once in a while the item you’re in the middle of crocheting will take on a life of it’s own and suddenly look like something else, something totally unrelated to what you intend to make. Something…questionable.


Here’s the finished work in all its predatory glory.

Back before Christmas one of my brothers posted a picture of a shark hat on the Book of Faces (aka Facebook) and stated that he wanted such a hat. I commented that there was probably a pattern for a crochet version of a hat like that. Then I completely forgot about the exchange until his birthday in January which happened to be the day before that same brother and I would be attending a concert together. And of course at that point it was too late to whip up a hat that resembled a prop from the notoriously bad movie Sharknado. I kicked myself for not remembering and starting the hat sooner. And then I forgot all about it once again until a week or so later when my family began discussing when we’d have our bimonthly birthday dinners. It occurred to me that I had possibly just enough time to make a hat before we’d be celebrating the January and February birthdays.image

There are plenty of shark hat patterns out there on the inter-web but I wanted a specific kind of pattern…a free one. What can I say, I’m cheap  thrifty? It also needed to be big enough for my brother’s giant head. image

The picture on the pattern was a bit goofy but it just looked like a shark. The hat I made, well, it’s got a whole lot of something else going on. It kind of adds to the fun ridiculousness of the thing.

Do you see it yet?…

How about now? If you don’t  your mind might reside in a slightly more lofty location than mine apparently does, not in the gutter for example. But seriously, look at this thing…image

In the words of Ron Burgandy, “Don’t act like you’re not impressed!”

imageOn a slightly more serious note, this pattern was a bit hard to follow. I ended up altering the fins just a little and then extending the length of the tail region. The latter was due to the fact that it just wasn’t long enough after the forty-third row so I added more and then attempted to make the front more pointy to be reminiscent of a shark’s nose and to make sure this would fit an adult male. When the hat was finished the tail fins were more …limp than I personally prefer and the dorsal fin threatened to droop. I wove some fine craft wire through each of the three fins to help keep them erect. It worked like a charm, like Viagra for yarn based shapes. Oh, and I left the side fins off. They seemed like just a bit too much, the hat was already over the top enough without them.


So, yup, I crocheted a very phallic hat for my brother…it’s not the first time something like this has happened here at Night’sWatchBlog.

wpid-IMAG0100.jpg20141124_065858inapp knitting

Strange things happen when you mess with yarn!

What is Possibly the Worst Piece of Knittery Ever

… Okay so it’s probably not the worst piece of knittery EVER.
I usually try to avoid superlatives but thought I’d throw one in there for dramatic effect. And, yes, I do know that knittery is not actually a word but I’m not quite ready to be counted among the ranks of real knitters who make actual knit work.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was learning to knit. As I knit and purled rows back and forth I thought “This should count for something.”
So instead of making a random swatch that I would later either frog or cast aside I decided I’d make a little I-pod cover.
Taking the time to find a simple knitting pattern for such a cover and then learning how to actually read said pattern did not appeal to my impulsive nature and random sense of urgency so I made something up. I figured I could make a rectangle as wide as the I-pod and then build up until it was long enough to wrap around it height wise. At that point I’d practice my yet to be acquired decreasing skills and taper it into a point at the end. Connect it along the sides, add a loop and button, ba-da-bing, ba-da-bang…I-pod cover!

It did sort of work that way….sort of.

The first problem was that the first stitch at the beginning of each row was loose. I can’t quite figure out why.


I got bored and practiced cable knitting about two thirds of the way through.

Then my decreasing stitches were a little bumpy and I go confused about which row was knitting and which one was purling. That wasn’t too bad though.

Finally I had a pointy rectangle that was the size and relative shape I guestimated it should be.
I held it up and snickered.

“Ummm, this might be a little inappropriate.” I giggled to my co-blogger, channeling my inner adolescent.
“Oh my gosh. It does not look like a penis!” she replied.
I swear sometimes she can read my mind. That’s a little scary.

Then I showed her this picture:

inapp knitting

And she snickered too!

To make the…err, shape (yeah, let’s call it a shape) I had into an actual thing I crocheted the two sides together, crocheted around the opening and top edge, and chain stitched a little loop. Yes, I know, I could have done that with knitting but I was running out of time and wanted to finish it that day.
All in all it turned out to be about what I expected.

knitting fin fr

knitting fin sd

knitting fin b

Next step: find a real first knitting pattern and figure out how to read it.
Any suggestions?

New Stuff!

My boss’s wife surprised me yesterday with a new crochet book!! She picked it up at a used book sale so it’s a bit old but only 1995.

It has some stuff in it that I’ll probably never make. Seriously that doll is creepy!


I don’t think I’ll ever make a tissue box holder either. It’s not a bad look but something about just screams Grandma to me. Probably because my Grandmother always had those.


However check out these blankets!!! I love the red square with the flower stitched in! So much good texture in this whole blanket!


Love this…


and this…


I need more time! Such fun things to make!

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Where do you buy your yarn?

So I’m just about finished with most of my current projects (long-term blanket, baby blanket and a scarf) and I was making vague plans for the next project. I picked up a VOGUEknitting Crochet magazine and I’m thinking of trying some of the clothing patterns inside. I’ve never made clothing beyond hats and scarves so it will be a whole new experience. Exciting!

Most of the patterns call for a lighter yarn weight, usually 0-2 (which would be lace, super fine and/or fine). Usually I purchase my yarn from the selection at Michael’s, Joann’s or Meijer (for those of you not in the Great Lakes Area – it’s like Walmart). Last time I looked for light weight yarn the selection was pretty sparse. For clothing I would really like to find some semi-nice yarn preferably in cotton.

Any suggestions on where to look for a better selection of yarn? Any online sources have good prices/good yarn?

Thanks in advance for the advice!! I’ll post pictures of my finished products soon, very soon, hopefully!

Baggy Hat or Bag???

imageOhhhh, the baggy hat. It’s my downfall in the crochet world. I have successfully completed only one baggy hat which was appropriately baggy and hat like. The rest, well, the rest have been disasters. For example the Nuuk hat (reviewed earlier) was supposed to be a delightfully baggy hat and instead ended up WAY too big for the normal head and finished off early with a drawstring in order to be wearable.

My latest attempt is pictured below. I was going for a simple basic baggy beanie. Clearly, I increased too many rows but I decided to continue to see if it could be made into a baggy hat. No. It was very large and kinda fat. So, as you will see, I added a handle and am calling it a bag. (Or Easter basket…)

There is some crisscross stitching in the color change rows but otherwise it was all done in basic double crochets. I believe I continued increasing for about 7 rows. For a normal fitted beanie I usually increase for about 5 rows.


Any helpful how to do this the right way comments are appreciated as are your pictures of crochet projects GONE WRONG!!