Stars & Sandals

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about crochet projects.
(Random side note: I read somewhere that starting a blog post with “it’s been a while..” is one of the worst blog moves ever.
Duly noted.)
This may make it seem like I haven’t been crocheting but, fear not, that isn’t the case. While I have slowed my crochet roll a bit this summer due to general life busyness, things have still been made.

For example, back in May…or maybe April… I had to attend a baby shower for one of my sisters-in-law so I crocheted a blanket. I wanted something a little quicker than the granny square baby blankets I’ve done before. This little star afghan pattern that I found on Ravelry was just right.
finished star blanket

This pattern was fairly repetitive but it’s a small enough project that it didn’t get too boring. It starts out as such a cute little star too.
star in progress

More recently I whipped up these adorable little sandals for my baby niece.

baby sandals 2

baby sandals 1

There’s also a couple summer hats I’ve made buuuut I haven’t gotten any pictures of them. Usually I’d just grab my phone, snap a sub-par picture, and slap up on the blog here but the phone has been having some issues with taking pictures lately.
Hmm. Maybe I’ve dropped it one (or two) too many times.

One common theme of these summer projects is the yarn. I’ve been using the Sugar & spice cotton yarn for all of them. The pink in the sandals and the blue and orange in the star blanket are all this cotton yarn as are the two unpictured hats. What can I say? It’s cheap and it comes in fun bright colors. What’s not to love?