What I’ve been making

Judging by the level of activity around here nothing. Luckily things are not always as they seem and there has been some making going on. Many types of making actually: crocheting, sewing, baking, and especially mess making (under the guise of home improvement projects).

First there was my Halloween costume:

Up until this year I’ve never been to an adult Halloween party or really even dressed up. Typically I’m busy making my kids’ costumes; making myself a costume as well isn’t even a fleeting thought. 2017 has been a very different year though (I can hardly wait to write my annual year in review post (which will likely happen in February at this rate)).

My boyfriend loves Halloween and doesn’t have kids which means he usually does dress up for Halloween. In fact, I’m pretty sure he started talking about Halloween costumes in April. When I told him I’ve never been to a real Halloween party he decided we needed to find one or, better yet, host one. Which we did. It was small but fun and our costumes were the best!

He got his online but I made mine. Sewing with shiny super-stretch fabric and somewhat stretchy pleather was a new experience for me. It was a fun project though.

And then there’s the Viking hats…

Last Halloween I was working on a Viking hat with an attached beard for one of my baby nephews. A friend of mine had asked if I could make him some for Christmas. I just didn’t have time last year with classes and everything else but this year when he asked I thought I could do it. But he wanted five hats. Five!

I wasn’t sure if I could do that but I bought the pattern (last year I eye balled it but having actual pattern makes the process so faster) and some chunky yarn and made one hat, but only the hat. It didn’t take long at all so I thought, yeah, I can make five (especially since he’s paying per hat). Little did I know the horns would be annoyingly time consuming.

I’ve finally gotten all the hats, horns, and beards complete. Once I attach three more beards these will be done and I’ll be happy to ship them off (and get paid) so I can move on to all the Christmas presents I want to crochet.

Baking wise I did the usual couple of pies for Thanksgiving but that’s old news. Something new and different I made, though, was this peanut butter chocolate cake for my son’s 13th birthday.

My boy loves his chocolate and peanut butter and this cake hit the nail on the head. If When I make it again I’ll reduce the baking time just a smidge, it was crumbling, and make more frosting. The frosting was the bomb dot com!

And of course there’s been plenty of random meal making,

I think the home improvement stuff deserves its own post, especially since a lot of it is still in the mess phase, but here’s a couple teaser pics. Because this hasn’t already been a picture heavy post at all…

The Beard’s the Thing

Beard, it’s one of those words that starts to sound weird when you say it a lot. The more you say it the odder it sounds. But even so beards and hats with beards attached have been a fun new popular thing lately. I guess that’s the natural progression from the mustache craze of the past couple years. Not real mustaches on men, just to clarify, fun quirky mustaches on accessories, duct tape, and clothing among other things. My daughter loves these decorative mustaches and a short while back had mentioned me crocheting a beard for her. I did not…until my son had to dress up as George Lucas for a school project.


Clearly we needed at least one crochet beard around the house. 


Finding a crochet pattern on the internet for a beard was easy due to their aforementioned popularity. And it turns out they’re super simple to make. Plus I got to use a bobble stitch which I have not done before. I made a grey beard using Vanna’s Choice acrylic yarn and the pattern posted by Madmimhttp://madmim.com/crochet-beard-free-pattern/ I used the child’s pattern that she had towards the bottom of the page.




It took maybe one movie’s length to make the beard and a few minutes to add the mustache after trying it on my boy. And then, of course, I had to make one for my daughter as well…just for fun (though in her opinion a beard calls for a serious facial expression). Hers is made of a baby/fine yarn by Lion Brand called “twinkle stripes” that I doubled up.


Now every time the beards are out my youngest says he wants a beard too. I think a green beard is next on my extensive and ever changing crochet to do list.