Nothing Says Awkward Like a Third Shoe.


One of these things is Not like the other…and there are only two things here.

It’s finally here: Summer! Among other things that means finished crochet projects…and it’s about damn time.

I started a pair of baby shoes to match a certain baby hat quite a while (at least a month) ago; they were meant to be part of a quick baby gift to take to a shower that was the second week of June. Well, no surprise, that didn’t happen. I ended up bailing on the shower pleading insane levels of busyness at the time. Really that’s a fairly valid excuse anytime during my school year but this was the week before finals and fell on a fuller-than-most weekend so I felt very little guilt about not going. Plus showers are akin to a mild form of torture though this one may have had alcoholic punch. You know I really cannot make it if I’m passing on free drinks.

The pattern for these little gems was simple enough and they did work up pretty quickly but as soon as I finished the second shoe I noticed a problem. They did not match. Sometimes symmetry is my nemesis. Aside from gambling on the baby being born with a club foot there was really only one thing to do, make another shoe.


Three’s company.

I avoided making the strap until the rest of the shoe was finished so that this third shoe could be paired with whichever of the first two it matched or, at very least, was closest to. Meanwhile I actually tried to make it match the smaller of the original two shoes since I was aiming for newborn sized shoes to begin with.



I think I followed the pattern¬†both¬† all three times with the exception of using a slightly bigger hook than it called for (I don’t even have a 2.5 mm hook) but somehow they all turned out very slightly different. That may have something to do with the fact that all three were made when other things were going on for example at work, during baseball games, and even at the beach and they were made at different times. Maybe making a pair in one sitting would yield more accurate results. Ah well, live and learn right?

Now to attach a button to at least two of these bad boys, make a couple quick bibs, and get this package to the soon-to-be-new-momma. And maybe I’ll attempt a fourth shoe to go with the sad third shoe that will not be included.