Baby Viking Hat


The finished hat

My family grows in leaps and bounds. My youngest was one of six babies born in a ten month time period. This past year I got a total of four new nephews, all between March and the end of June. Somewhere around early June my sister, the mom of one of those babies, asked me if I’d be willing and able to crochet said baby a hat for Halloween, a viking hat. It seems my sister is much better at planning ahead than I am. She knows how busy I am and had a specific goal in mind for her child. Maybe I was the person to help her accomplish that goal, maybe not. Considering she asked me half a year in advance I figured I’d be able to find the time. Besides, crocheting a viking hat sounded fun. It couldn’t be as hard as that shark hat was.

I found a pattern online but it was not free. (wah-wah) I totally get why people charge for patterns and it was only five bucks, but I was still resistant to pay for it. It’s my contrary nature in action. “What?”, it says, “You want me to pay?!? Psh, I don’t need your silly pattern, I can figure this out on my own.” And usually I can.

For this one I made a basic beanie (there are five million free patterns out there) with a four evenly spaced front post hdc around the hat. And then I realized that the example viking hat I was following had two front post stitches in the front and back and one on each side. Luckily my firs start of the hat was waaaay too small. It’s been a while since I’ve had regular contact with baby heads, my guestimating skills are rusty. So now my little guy’s stuffed hedgehog has a grey hat.


The second attempt, first one completed

On the second attempt I made the hat bigger and had two front post stitches together in both the front and the back. (Front posts are the raised lines that run vertically, helping to give the hat the appearance of being a metal helmet.)


While making the hat without a pattern was no big deal the horns were a bit puzzling. I’ve never done amugarami crochet or even tried a more three dimensional item. It went a lot smother than I thought it would; I figured it out on the first attempt and was able to replicate it pretty closely on the second.

I used a super tiny hook with regular sized acrylic yarn. The stitches are tight and it was a bit challenging to maneuver the yarn with that little thing but the effect is worth it. The little horns are stiff enough to stand up on their own and hold their shape perfectly. And look how cute they are!!! They’re like tiny wizard hats. My water bottle got to cosplay as Gandalf and then Dumbledore that day. Fun times all around!

The bottom edge was a little tricky and, honestly, I would not have mined having the pattern for this part. The ridge is again created by either front or back post stitches, this time single because I didn’t want height. One round of single front/back (whichever gave the bump on the right side) post, there’s a round of double crochet with interspersed bobble stitches. There’s no regularity to those, I just eye balled the spacing. And then the last row was another round of front or back post single crochet.

I finished the beard using this pattern (I’ve made beards before and knew they’re pretty quick and easy) the morning of the 28th when a couple of my sisters and I made plans to go to a local Trunk-or-Treat later that evening. It was as good an excuse as any to get the finished Viking hat to my sister and nephew. My sister brought the baby over to my house a little early as we planned to ride together…good thing too because the hat was still too small. I tried to stretch it but there was no making it fit that kid’s giant head. Aggghhh!!!

I undid the hat up to where the horns were attached and started rapidly crocheting it again. For a third time. This time I used double instead of half double crochet stitches for the body of the hat. It was quick and dirty crochet time here. I got the body of the hat finished moments after we arrived at Trunk-or-treat and he wore it as is for the evening.

20161028_191535.jpg      20161028_192748.jpg

As we were driving home I added the bottom edge but even without it my nephew was a pretty adorable little viking.

A couple of my previous projects made appearances this Halloween too!


Sherlock scarf…I thought I had blogged about this somewhere in there but couldn’t seem to find it.


Originally a Cabbage Patch style hat, this one got a new life as Dorothy’s braids.


Holy Shit it’s Almost Halloween

Earlier this week my son said to me “Only seventeen more days until my birthday.”
I responded with a “What? No way!” and proceeded to look at a calendar & think “oh shit!” but said “huh, look at that.”
Why oh shit? Because my son’s birthday is a mere week after Halloween.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween. Making costumes is one of (well, another one of) my favorite things. In the past I’ve made all sorts of fun costumes, things like Jack & Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, various Harry Potter characters, and a whole Star Wars theme ranging from Ewoks to Jawas.


For example, here is my daughter as Bellatrix two years ago.


And one of my sons as Obi Wan last year.


This may be the only picture in the past five years that my second child willingly posed for.

The problem was that it was just over a week to this year’s  Halloween and, while a few costume ideas had been tossed around (I’m pretty sure we’d been talking about costume ideas since July), nothing had even been decided on let alone started.
Well, almost nothing. The four year old had declared that he was going to be Superman weeks before and I already suspected I was just going to buy that one. The crafter and me felt a little cheap & dirty but really there’s no point in making a Superman costume for a four year old. It wouldn’t be cheaper or better than a store bo
ught costume and would most likely only fit him for a year.

So, here we all were ten days before Halloween, it was time to get my kids to make some tough choices and actually pick what they want to be.

This is what they decided on (and what I’m working furiously on now that Halloween is less than a week away): 


The David Tennat Doctor (as we call him),


A clockwork droid (from season two of Doctor Who) , 


  A peacock   ,

….and Anakin Skywalker just before he transitioned to Darth Vader (but only because he wanted a new lightsaber)….
No No wait, not Anakin, a Roman soldier.
Yeah, a Roman soldier.
Or maybe a Roman soldier for trick or treating and Percy Jackson for the school party….

Finally I just bought him a Roman soldier costume.