Hobbies, My New Pastime

Since graduating nursing school and my short-lived time at a hospital, I’ve been on a 9a-5p schedule since February. It’s amazing. I had seven years of 2nd and 3rd shifts, a ton of weekends and generally being unavailable when the rest of the world was off work. I had forgotten what it was like to have a relatively set schedule that falls in line with day light hours. I still must work the majority of Saturdays but it’s really a small price to pay for a consistent schedule. Now I can plan things with reasonable assurance I’ll be able to do without requesting time off. It’s freeing.

I started a photography class, a continuing ed type, at a local community college back in February. It was my Christmas present to myself. I really loved it. I enjoy school, the learning aspect anyway, and I enjoy it even more when there aren’t grades. I decided to take the next level of photography class this spring. As I was looking through the classes I noticed I wanted to take them all! There was a craft beer class, wine tasting, cooking, ceramics, and language classes.

It feels as if there’s been a shift in my focus. For so long I was focused on getting through school, working full time and generally just trying to keep my head above water. Now I get to slow down and have some fun. I want to do All The Hobbies!!

Of course, that’s not totally practical, at least not to do them all at once. The joy is the possibility. Sure, I have all the normal life adult crap to deal with and home renovation projects to complete but I also have the opportunity to do some stuff just because it’s enjoyable. And to do it without the guilt of knowing I should be doing something else. It’s a good change.


It’s that time again….I love a good New Year’s Resolution

I say it every year (2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017) and I’ll say it again, I love a new year’s resolution. I love the fresh start even if it’s just because the calendar is turning over.

Last year, 2016, was a maintaining year with no big changes. That was not the case for 2017. In April I graduated from nursing school and in July I left my job of seven years and started a new nursing job.


It was so exciting to graduate and pass the NCLEX. However, I took a hospital job and I really don’t like it. I never enjoyed the hospital during clinical and I really dislike it on a regular basis.

Resolution #1: Get a new nursing job. Preferably one without a midnight shift and not in a hospital. After years of a messed up schedule- night shifts, weekends and everything in between, I’m really looking for something consistent and normal.

shift work

Along with the change in jobs and the end of school I now have time. It was pretty elusive in 2016 but all of sudden I actually have downtime. I haven’t really made good use of it either. It’s time to get some other areas of my life together. Especially if, as a nurse, I’m going to be preaching self-care and healthy living, it’s time to take my own advice.

Resolution #2: Lose 50 pounds. With diet and exercise, of course.


You know, the normal ones that everyone makes.

#3: Try some new hobbies. – I’m taking a photography class in January for six weeks with a DSLR camera. I’m interested to try my hand at something new. New hobbies might including cooking too. I’ve been watching a lot of Top Chef lately. Those meals and ingredients are amazing. It’d be interesting to learn just a little of that.


I think those are it. They seem big enough to tackle for the year.


New Year – New Projects – New Hobbies

I’m not one for resolutions really. However I do have a list of things I want to accomplish this year. Two items on the list are new hobbies. I want to learn to knit! I’m super excited about this and have already ordered a book. I also want to learn to quilt but that one is going to have to wait until I have some more space. Currently my poor apartment can’t hold any more hobbies/movies/animals/books/yarn. Well that’s not entirely true, there’s always space for more yarn!! (ok, ok and books and movies.)

Although I’m looking forward here’s a look back at some of my finished projects!

wpid-IMAG0174.jpg wpid-1369013953437.jpg baggy hat wpid-IMAG0160.jpg wpid-IMAG0103.jpg wpid-IMAG0100.jpg

Also several blankets!!

wpid-IMAG0388.jpg wpid-IMAG0384.jpg IMAG0371 wpid-IMAG0348.jpg wpid-IMAG0258.jpg wpid-IMAG0260.jpg wpid-IMAG0213.jpg wpid-IMAG0209.jpg wpid-IMAG0205.jpg wpid-IMAG0199-1.jpg

And a couple other random bits…

wpid-IMAG0394.jpg wpid-IMAG0386.jpg wpid-IMAG0366.jpg wpid-20130921_110202.jpg wpid-IMAG0239.jpg wpid-IMAG0228.jpg

It’s been a busy year! Thanks for reading!


IMAG0365 IMAG0368